Bengals fans aren’t convinced Randy Bullock actually got injured after shanking game tying field goal

Bengals fans are not convinced Randy Bullock, more lovingly known as “Fat Randy,” pulled a calf muscle on a game tying 31 yard field goal. I’m not too convinced either. How does someone in that good of shape pull something on what should be a routine kick?

I respect the move of missing a chip shot field goal and immediately blaming an injury. It’s like when you shank a simple chip shot and look at the club and not your own stupid hands. Yeah it’s definitely my fault I missed that but I’m going to blame the club instead. A classic golf move. When you blame the club, or in this case injury, on a missed play the least you can do is be consistent. Don’t go holding your right leg after missing the kick and then go tell the media it was your left calf. You can’t do that Fat Randy. We’re smarter than that.

Interesting. Real interesting calf to grab post kick Randy Bullock. Looks almost like the right calf he’s grabbing here and not the left. He did limp of the field though. So commitment to faking the injury was obvious, or he actually got hurt. Both those legs looked a little shaky during his shame walk to the sidelines. Right leg hurts real bad from letting the team down and the left one hurts from a calf cramp or something. Makes perfect sense.

Fat Randy wanted to help his team tie the game on two hurt legs. Could he have stretched a bit better pre game? Sure. Could he eat a couple bananas instead of hot dogs or whatever his pre game meal is to prevent cramping? Also sure. But let’s give Fat Randy the benefit of the doubt here. He probably just hurt both legs letting the Bengals and Joe Burrow down so much.

Broke: Randy Bullock faked an injury because he missed a chip shot field goal

Woke: Randy Bullock injured both his calves trying to tie the game for the Bengals

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