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Alex Ovechkin fined $5k for spearing Trent Frederick

Washington’s Alex Ovechkin has been fined $5,000, the maximum allowable under the CBA, for Spearing Boston’s Trent Frederic. — NHL Player Safety (@NHLPlayerSafety) March 4, 2021

Five thousand dollars is a pretty hefty fine for spearing a player. Of course Alex Ovechkin has the money to pay that fine, but it’s still a big fine for spearing. Although spearing isn’t exactly the word that I would use to describe what Ovechkin did to Frederic. Because if you watch the video it’s pretty obvious what Alex Ovechkin actually did to Trent Frederic. He clearly sack tapped him. I guess the NHL doesn’t have a specific penalty or fine set up for hitting a player in the family jewels.

Put the video of Alexander Ovechkin nutshotting Trent Frederic in the Hockey Hall of Fame.#AllCaps #NHLBruins — Jeff O'Connor (@JeffOConnor) March 4, 2021

Even though the cup check was a little over the top you have to admit it was hilarious. Alex Ovechkin hitting Trent Frederic in the nuts is pretty illegal. But, it’s also so god damn funny. There is a reason that videos of guys getting hit in the nuts have so many views on the internet. It’s because they are universally funny videos. Pretty much everyone thinks a dude getting hit in the nuts is hilarious. If you think this isn’t funny than you’re either a humorless human being, or a Bruin’s fan. Maybe both.

Yes this move is 100% illegal and Ovechkin shouldn’t have done it. Although this isn’t even the worse thing that Ovechkin has done to teach a younger player a lesson. Remember what he did to Andrei Svechnikov in the playoffs a couple years ago? Ovechkin pummeled Svechnikov’s face in for picking a fight with him. Frederic was trying to pick a fight with Ovechkin all game and he wasn’t having it. So of course Ovechkin was going to teach him a lesson. And the cup check was pretty effective. Frederic definitely learned his lesson. There’s no way he isn’t wearing a cup in his next game. He for sure won’t try to pick a fight with Ovechkin either.

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