Altitude Sports and Comcast are blacking out Avalanche and Nuggets games during playoffs

If you’re a fan of the Colorado Avalanche or Denver Nuggets and live in Colorado you know the situation all too well. Altitude Sports, the company that broadcasts both teams, have been in a broadcasting dispute all year. The playoffs are in full swing for both teams and fans are subject to blackout rules across the state. The Avalanche are one of the best teams in hockey this year and fans are unable to watch. Doesn’t matter that the NHL wants to nationally broadcast one of the most entertaining teams in hockey, if you’re in Colorado you won’t be able to watch.

Having to deal with Comcast and Altitude Sports squabble over money is absolutely infuriating. I just want to turn on the tv and be able to easily flip on the Avalanche game, but noooooo Altitude and Comcast have to bitch at each other over who gets more money from the deal while all the casual fans and less tech savvy fans suffer. What makes the whole situation so ridiculous is Altitude and Comcast are hemorrhaging money by not broadcasting the games.

If you’re in Colorado and are in the minority that use DirecTV than you haven’t dealt with this issue as Altitude and DirecTV were able to work out a broadcasting deal during the regular season. If you still have Comcast or you’re like me and cut the cord for YoutubeTV or some other streaming service, than you’re shit out of luck. Avalanche games are completely blacked out. If you’re tech savvy enough than you can easily find an illegal stream to watch the game. The die hard Avalanche fans won’t let anything get in the way of watching their team play for the Stanley Cup, especially not some pesky streaming laws.

Oh, and if you shelled out the $120 something for NHLTV thinking paying extra money would guarantee access to Avalanche games while living in Colorado think again. Avalanche games are blacked out there too.

Internet streams are becoming easier and easier to access and it highlights just how out of touch Altitude owner Kroenke and Comcast are with modern technology. The two sides keep yelling at each other about who gets more money from the deal while Avalanche and Nuggets fans stream the game for free. FOR FREE. Doesn’t matter how much money the deal is worth when you’ve forced fans into using a free service. Altitude Sports and Comcast are just two old farts yelling at clouds while the younger generation finds a solution to the problem the old fucks have left for them. That solution for many has been to illegally stream the games.

This dispute has no winning side. Altitude loses money daily while the teams they broadcast and own lose casual fans. The casual fan isn’t going to put in the same effort to watch a game as the die hards. Just how it works. If anything they’ll be deterred by how difficult it is to watch the game and watch whatever is easiest. They might even become fans of that team instead. Fans were already screwed out of watching the Avalanche live due to the COVID crisis. Now that the NHL has resumed the fans continue to get screwed because they’re unable to watch the games after an almost five month hiatus. What a wasted opportunity by Comcast and Altitude. A product that everyone has been demanding like crazy finally becomes available and you limit the supply to near zero while making absolutely no new money by doing so. Not exactly smart business practices.

This might be the best team the Avalanche have put on the ice since the days of Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy when they lifted the Stanley Cup in 2001. Hart Trophy Finalist Nathan Mackinnon, Calder Trophy Finalist Cale Makar, Gabriel Landeskog and the rest of the Avalanche are must watch television. Altitude Sports and Comcast should be burned at the stake for making Avalanche fans miss Nazem Kadri’s 0.1 second buzzer beater goal against the Blues. With such an exciting product on the ice it’s a travesty that Avalanche fans can’t easily access the games.

A buzzer beater victory for the @Avalanche #GoAvsGo — Frosty Talks (@Frosty_Talks) August 3, 2020

One of the craziest buzzer beater victories in sports. A goal can’t physically come any later than that. Fuck Comcast and Altitude for limiting Avalanche viewership for this game and all games.

Denver Nuggets fans are in the same boat as Avalanche fans. I don’t watch basketball, but from what I’ve been told the Nuggets are good. Like really good. I’m from Colorado and talking to Nuggets fans about how good the Nuggets are so I’m probably getting biased opinions. Yet every Nuggets fan I’ve talked to have complained about how they can’t easily watch the games either. I’ve talked mostly about how Avalanche fans are getting screwed but the Nuggets fans are getting screwed as well.

Hopefully Comcast and Altitude Sports can come to an agreement and quickly. The playoffs are rolling for both teams and fans want to watch. Considering both sides had the entire regular season and a five month hiatus to reach a deal and still couldn’t makes me less than optimistic.

If your having trouble finding streams to watch the Avalanche or Nuggets follow me on Twitter, @DylanRyanFT and shoot me a DM. I’ll tell you where to LEGALLY, wink wink, watch the game.

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