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Anthony Lynn fired by the Chargers

Chargers fired Anthony Lynn this morning, per source. Two seasons ago, Lynn led the Chargers to a 12-4 record, then this year they finished 7-9, winning their last four games, giving him a 33-31 record in LA. Chargers now become the sixth NFL team to have a head coach opening. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 4, 2021

The Chargers have fired Anthony Lynn. Even though he had a winning record with the Chargers this had to happen. And it probably should have happened earlier this year. Like after Lynn and the Chargers lost four games in a row where they had 16 point leads. That sounds like an extremely fireable offense.

But as a Broncos fan I’m going to miss the guy. Lynn made so many questionable decisions that cost the Chargers games. His inability to manage a clock was second to none. And I’mg going to miss it. Because it has cost the Chargers so many wins. Seven of the Chargers nine losses this year was by one score. That’s just this year, there are so many more instances of the Chargers losing by one score under Anthony Lynn. And a lot of those games could have been won with better clock management.

And Anthony Lynn’s inability to manage the clock isn’t his only fireable offense. Lynn’s play calling alone is enough to get him fired. The Chargers GM had so many reasons to fire Anthony Lynn. But he really only needed one reason.

Justin Herbert tried to run a QB sneak while his O-line dropped back to block for a pass play looool he got crushed — gifdsports (@gifdsports) November 29, 2020

Seeing this play should have caused the Chargers to fire Anthony Lynn. Even though there were so many other reasons. But Anthony Lynn sending Justin Herbert out on to the field to run a quarterback sneak while the O-line pass blocks should have been the nail in the coffin. And the fact that he called that play with three seconds remaining with zero time outs does not help his case. It should have been the nail in the coffin that got Lynn fired. But somehow it wasn’t.

Instead Lynn was able to finish out the season and coached the Chargers to a 7-9 record. Even four wins in a row to end the season wasn’t enough for Lynn to keep his job. And it probably shouldn’t have been. Not with all the bad play calling and so many one score losses under his belt. If Lynn’s winning record as head coach and Herbert’s record setting season couldn’t keep him employed, then nothing would.

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