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Antonio Brown retires from NFL, again

Antonio Brown did not leave the NFL on the best terms the first time around. His final stint in the NFL before his multiple retirements was a little rocky to say the least. He got traded to the Raiders and never showed up to practice. When he did he constantly complained about how he couldn’t see in the safer helmets. Helmets that help prevent concussions. Something Antonio Brown has definitely dealt with.

The helmet issue wasn’t even the craziest part of the Antonio Brown Saga. At one point he froze off the bottom of his feet in a cryogenic vat. He was accused of sexual assault. He assaulted an employee of a moving company and live streamed the arrest of his baby mamma. Safe to say Brown had some serious mental issues that he needed to work out before returning to football. In January it seemed the saga had come to a close. Brown was granted bail after being arrested on the grounds that he attend court mandated therapy. Once that was announced the hype train for Antonio Brown’s NFL return began.

gearing up to do it again AB2.0 — AB (@AB84) July 14, 2020

A bunch of teams could use help at the wide receiver position. Brown would have been a solid addition in Green Bay, or in Seattle, or Houston, hell he could even go back and play more than one game with New England. Except that Brown is walking away from the NFL. He thinks the risk is greater than the reward.

at this point the risk is greater than the reward thank you everyone who been part of this journey i sincerely thank you for everything! life goes on 84! — AB (@AB84) July 20, 2020

Oddly enough I kind of agree with that statement. At least for Antonio Brown. Forget the mental breakdown last year and remind yourself how dominant of a receiver and punt returner Brown was when he was a Steeler. Brown’s actions over the past year are what people are remembering not his extraordinary play. It’s a “what have you done for me lately” league and lately the only thing Brown has been is a distraction. So to walk away from the game and (hopefully) work on your mental health is probably the bigger benefit for Antonio Brown at the moment. Take some time away from the league so people forget the bad and miss the good.

I think Antonio Brown unannounces his retirement at some point. Antonio Brown tweeted he would be back better than ever, then six days later he tweets he’s walking away from football. He’s going to retire and un-retire from the NFL like Kanye has been running and dropping out of the Presidential race. Except that Brown might be more mentally stable than Kanye at the moment.

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