Antonio Brown suspended 8 games by NFL

Antonio Brown was notified today by NFL Special Counsel for Conduct Todd Jones that he has been suspended without pay for the first eight regular-season games of the 2020 season for multiple violations of the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) July 31, 2020

Honestly 8 games seems like a weak punishment for Antonio Brown after all the shenanigans he pulled and headaches he caused during the 2019 offseason, the actual season, and the 2020 offseason. Considering during that time he refused to practice for the Raiders, froze his feet off, assaulted a moving company employee, demanded to be traded away from the Raiders after demanding a trade away from the Steelers, and a slew of other incidents I was expecting a full year suspension. Also I thought Antonio Brown had retired. Which he did. For like two days. He’s actually retired and un-retired from the NFL three times. So it’s genuinely difficult to know which it is, retired or not. My guess is he’s currently in the NFL, just a free agent wide receiver looking for a home. At least for half a season.

Brown’s suspension kicks in the second he is signed by a team. A month or two ago I would have told you that you were crazy if you thought Antonio Brown was going to play in 2020. Now, he might actually play. Several players have opted out of the NFL season already including wide receiver Devin Funches of the Packers, Marquise Goodwin wide receiver for the Eagles, and a few other receivers as well. With players opting out of the season it opens up opportunities for players already on the roster looking to move up the depth chart, and players like Antonio Brown who might not have been as serious of an option before.

Brown still might not be an option. Off field issues aside signing a player for half the year isn’t exactly a perfect replacement for a player opting out the whole season. You could say it’s only like, half of a solution. Yet the Packers needed help at receiver before Funches opted out, so a half season for Brown wouldn’t be too bad. The Eagles could also be a landing spot for Brown, although I don’t know if Brown’s ego could handle Eagles fans. Those people are relentless. They’re like an angrier version of Bills Mafia. Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, and Lamar Jackson have all expressed interest in playing with Brown so maybe one of them can convince management to bring him in. What I’m getting at is there are teams that could legitimately use a wide receiver and the best receiver in the league, at one point in time, is currently a free agent. So there’s a chance Brown is signed by some team. My guess is the Packers or the Ravens.

Check back in a couple of days for the Antonio Brown re-re-re-retirement announcement. Then maybe come back a couple of days after that for the un-retirement post.

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