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At Least Animals can have Fun during Coronavirus

The coronavirus has trapped a good portion of the human population indoors. It sucks for us, but guess who is thriving? Pretty much animals everywhere. Penguins are getting to tour aquariums and it’s adorable.

my favourite consequence of the covid-19 societal lockdown is aquarium penguins roaming around freely and when this is all over I for one welcome them as our new overlords — sloane (sipihkopiyesis) (@cottoncandaddy) March 17, 2020

People can’t go to the aquarium or leave their houses but at least the penguins are having a damn good time. I vote every aquarium does this. Live stream every single one and maybe teach them to play basketball or something. Anything that even slightly resembles sports.

Penguins aren’t the only animals having the time of their lives. A group of elephants in Yunan unleashed their inner party animal while the humans are stuck inside. A group of fourteen elephants wandered onto a corn wine farm and drank 30kg of corn wine. The group got so drunk off the wine that they passed out in a neighboring tea farm.

Look how happy and drunk they look. These elephants are living the dream right now. I get that they drank an absolute shit ton of corn wine but that stuff has to be strong as hell to get an elephant so drunk that it passes out. I’d love to give it a try while a stay 6 feet away from everybody I know and stay indoors like an American Hero.

Stay inside until this Coronavirus pandemic passes. Let the animals get drunk outside for now. We can get drunk indoors while we binge Netflix or catch up on our favorite shows or podcasts.

Wash your hands and stay inside. Please. It’s the quickest way for us to get sports back.

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