Avalanche defeat Stars in second round robin game. Now guaranteed a top 2 seed in the Western Confer

The Avalanche are now guaranteed a top two seed in the NHL Western Conference after defeating the Blues on a buzzer beater goal and after dismantling the Stars. Listening in to the Stars announcers was like listening to a disheveled fan watching from their couch. They almost couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“The Avalanche are just skating circles around the guys in green.”

“Khudobin has been on his back staring into the heavens asking for help more times than I can count.”

“We’re 8 minutes into the third period and the majority of this game has been played in the Dallas zone.”

The Avalanche didn’t beat the Stars once in the regular season earning a record of 0-2-2 against the team, but this is a whole new situation that the Avalanche have taken full advantage of. The Avalanche had a ton of injury problems all year. Mikko Rantenan missed time, Cale Makar missed time, Gabriel Landeskog missed time, the list keeps going. The only consistent during the regular season was Nathan Mackinnon. Thing is the Hart Troph