Avalanche fans still can’t watch games thanks to Comcast

Colorado Avalanche fans still can’t watch their team on television. Unless they live outside of Colorado. You read that right. The only way to watch the Colorado Avalanche is to be out of market. Or own the oldest, most expensive, and worst cable television provider in the market. No where near as many people have cable as back in the day. And if they do have cable it sure isn’t going to be one that is a piece of shit with the worst customer service.

There are other ways to watch the Avalanche if you are in the Colorado area. You could get NHLTV and then purchase a VPN to trick it into thinking you are out of market. Although that’s more expensive than DirecTV. You could also stream the game if you’re an Avalanche Faithful. But that’s illegal. So that really only leaves two options. Technically three.

The reason for this is Comcast, the largest cable provider in Denver, still hasn’t signed a contract with Altitude TV. Which is absolutely mind boggling. Seriously how have they not picked up the contract by now!? How has Comcast not realized that the Avalanche are Stanley Cup Favorites and are bound to bring in a ton of viewers on their platform. Cable is already dying and somehow they have found a way to twist their own knife. Not showing games to the hometown market during a season where they have the most hype is atrocious marketing. And honestly a giant middle finger to all of the Avalanche, and Nuggets fans that still have Comcast. Yeah the Denver Nuggets are in the same boat.

I’d be pissed if I had Comcast. Them not showing Avalanche games for a second straight season would have made me drop them in a heart beat. But I dropped cable a long time ago. Yeah it’s been a pain in the ass to get the Avalanche games for the last two years, but I’ve always found a way. Hopefully Comcast and Altitude can figure their shit out soon so Avalanche fans can watch the rest of the shortened season.



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