Avalanche trade Ian Cole to the Wild

Ian Cole wasn’t in Colorado for a very long time, just two years. But it was a lot of fun while he was here. And he quickly became a fan favorite of the Avalanche faithful. Cole helped the Avalanche win a lot of games, but this trade, or a trade like this one, was bound to happen sooner or later. And it’s definitely sooner.

We have acquired Greg Pateryn from the Minnesota Wild in exchange for Ian Cole.#GoAvsGo pic.twitter.com/Zs9D1yp0No — Colorado Avalanche (@Avalanche) January 19, 2021

Like it just happened sooner.

The Avalanche and the Wild did a 1 for 1 player swap moving Ian Cole for Greg Pateryn. This might be the first trade that Joe Sakic has lost in his career as Avalanche GM. Before this trade Sakic was fleecing GM’s all over the NHL. On the surface this trade really does look like an L. But Sakic and the Avalanche didn’t really lose this trade.

Sure, they had to trade away Ian Cole for a significantly less talented player. Greg Pateryn is good at what he does, but he’s not as good as Ian Cole. And he doesn’t bring any Stanley Cup experience with him like Cole did. But the reason the Avalanche didn’t actually lose this trade is because Greg Pateryn isn’t going to be replacing Ian Cole.

Bowen Byram is going to be replacing Ian Cole. Bo already has experience with the Avalanche when he was on the roster during the playoff bubble. Plus he was the fourth overall pick in 2019 and was absolutely phenomenal during the World Juniors. He looked like Cale Makar but with a left handed shot. Which is so fitting since they were both fourth overall picks in their draft year. What I’m getting at is that Bowen Byram is really good at hockey. So it only makes sense that he would be the replacement for Ian Cole.

Although it won’t be immediately. Like Byram isn’t in the lineup tonight. But he could get his first NHL experience in the very next game.

I’m going to miss Ian Cole on the Avalanche. But Cole’s time with the Avalanche was coming to a close. He’s thirty years old and getting paid a lot of money. The Avalanche will have to sign Cale Makar and Gabriel Landeskog to new contracts soon and with players like Bowen Byram and Justin Barron in the Avalanche’s pipeline it made sense to move the aging defensemen Ian Cole.

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