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The Colorado Avalanche sweep the St. Louis Blues

The Colorado Avalanche are the first team to move on to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs after beating the Blues 4-0 in the opening round of the playoffs. The Blues had no chance to beat the Avalanche of talent from Colorado. The series was a fight the entire way, but in the end the Avalanche steamrolled the Blues. Nathan Mackinnon set an Avalanche record with 9 points in four playoff games. And if you're old enough to remember the all time greats the Avalanche team's of the past have featured you'd understand how impressive it is to set a new franchise record.

But Nate Dogg wasn't the only one scoring. Gabriel Landeskog made the front of the net his home and constantly badgered the Blues goaltender, Jordan Binnington. Which no goaltender likes. Binnington was so mad about it that he tried to start a fight at the end of the first game. In reality he should have been fighting his own teammates as the defense allowed 50 shots on goal in the first game. No team wins giving up that many shots. Avalanche went on to win four in a row against the Blues. They for sure swept out the trash.

The victories don't come without some losses though. In game two against the Blues, Colorado forward Nazem Kadri, blindsided Schenn with a hit to the head. It's the exact type of hit that the NHL is trying to eliminate, and it was completely uncalled for. NHL fans thought last years playoffs felt weird because of the bubble and the lack of fans, but what really made it weird was the lack of the annual "Kadri first round suspension." It seems like every single first round Kadri has been suspended. In fact he's been suspended for 30% of his team's playoff games. Kadri was suspended for 8 games for his illegal hit to the head. Two of those games have already been served and he is appealing the suspension. But no word yet on whether or not the suspension will be upheld or reduced. We'll keep you updated there.

As for the Avalanche's second round opponent? Well that hasn't been decided yet. The Las Vegas Golden Knights are leading their series over the Wild 3-2. Their next game will be played in Minnesota. Personally I'm rooting for a seven game series. It doesn't matter who wins that series, the Avalanche will be the better team over either of them. I just want the seven games because the Stanley Cup Playoffs are the best sporting event in the world. Nothing quite like it.

Four games down, twelve to go and then they can hoist Lord Stanley's Cup.

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