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BIG IF TRUE: Colorado Avalanche to sign former MVP Taylor Hall

I’ve been informed by a source close to the situation that Taylor Hall to the Colorado Avalanche on a short-term deal is being finalized. Will be announced in the coming days. — Alex Moretto (@alexjmoretto) October 8, 2020


Taylor Hall has been one of the most coveted unrestricted free agents this offseason and after playing in the league for 10 years with little postseason experience, let alone success, the former MVP wants to win when it matters. The postseason. Taylor Hall wasn’t going to get to win in the postseason with the Coyotes if he resigned with Arizona. Sure they made the expanded playoffs this year and won a play in series, but they were steamrolled in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs by the Avalanche. If you can’t beat them, join them.

From the sounds of it Taylor Hall could very well be joining the Avalanche. It’s still a rumor until free agency officially opens at 10am mountain time on Friday (10/9), but the writing seems to be on the walls. Hall has been very outspoken about his desire to win a Stanley Cup, he’s even said he’d be willing to do a short term deal to play for a contender. Well the Avalanche are for sure cup contenders and have a large amount of cap space for this year, $22.4 million according to Cap Friendly, which means they could afford to pay Taylor Hall a bunch of money on a short contract to come to the Mile High City and compete for a Stanley Cup.

While this rumor? news leak? confirmation? whatever, is really exciting I don’t take a ton of stock in anything until it’s been confirmed by the team and player or player’s agent themselves. Hall has been linked to multiple other teams as well, however, none of those teams are true cup contenders like the Avalanche are. If Hall truly wants to sign with a team that gives him his best shot at winning a Stanley Cup it’s the Avs.

Fingers crossed this isn’t just a BS rumor because a Hall-Mackinnon-Rantanen top line would be nuts. Hell give me Hall-Kadri-Burakovsky on the second line even. The Avalanche would have the best top 6 in the league in my not so unbiased opinion. Regardless of which line he plays on Taylor Hall is an absolutely perfect fit for the high flying Avalanche. He’s fast, he’s got a wicked hard wrist shot that’s just as accurate, and he’s not afraid to shoot the puck. This I can say with a complete unbiased opinion, Taylor Hall is really good at hockey and he would be an excellent addition to the Avalanche roster.

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