Big Ten Officially Postpones Their Fall Sports

The Big Ten Conference has decided to cancel fall sports, including football, sources confirmed to ESPN’s Mark Schlabach on Tuesday. Sources tell Schlabach that the conference is expected to officially announce the decision at 3 p.m. ET. Tuesday. Last Wednesday, the Big Ten announced its 10-game conference-only schedule, beginning on Labor Day weekend. ESPN

I guess the Big Ten cancelling their fall football season wasn’t much of a rumor after all. They’ve now become the second conference to cancel fall sports joining the MAC. Fall signifies the start of the football season. The leaves turning, the air getting colder, smoking and drinking from pumpkins, none of it is the same without football on Saturdays. It’s a huge loss to the coaches and players who saw a schedule get released and trained their asses off to be prepared for said season. It’s a loss to all the fans of the schools in the Big Ten as well. The only real benefit is that the season isn’t entirely cancelled, just postponed until spring.

Hear me out but, the Big Ten playing in the Spring could be a great thing. If the SEC powers through with fall sports, which I’m betting that they will, than there will be back to back college football seasons. Gone will be the miserable gap of no football from February until September. Instead the SEC will play a season until January ish, the NFL will go till February, and the Big Ten will just be starting their season. The span of the year with no football can be miserable. If you’re not into hockey or basketball than honestly I don’t know what else you’d watch in the spring when football isn’t playing. Would it be tennis or golf? I don’t know I watch hockey when football is over. But if the Big Ten plays in the spring I know exactly what the football junkies will be watching. Some more fuckin football.

Think of all the stupid sports debates that will happen if half of colleges play football in fall and the other half play in spring. You know an undefeated team that plays in the spring will want to claim they’re national champions and not the undefeated team from the fall. Is it harder to play in the spring cause it gets hotter as the season goes along instead of colder? I don’t know but we could find out when Big Ten plays in the spring instead. Will Iowa and Nebraska leave the Big Ten for a year so they can continue to play in the fall? Will they get their shit kicked in by a majority of the SEC if they do? Yes they will, but will they try to play in the fall even though the rest of the conference won’t is the actual question.

Honestly having a fall college football season and a spring one sounds like fun. As long as the SEC and maybe one other conference play in the fall there will be a semblance of normalcy around college football. The season was never going to be a completely normal one, but it’ll be good to have any kind of a season, and if the Big Ten plays in the spring we’ll get a bonus season. Glass half full mentality. Sure postponements suck and only a couple conferences playing in the fall isn’t as fun as all of them playing, but at least there’s still a little hope for a fall college football season.


Still think the NCAA should be paying the athletes to risk their health and their families health during a pandemic.

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