Blackhawks and Canadiens both win game 3 giving the 12 seeds a series lead.

First things first. The NHL has got to stop putting the Blackhawks vs Oilers games on at 10:30 pm Eastern. It’s the middle of the week, people have work in the morning and can’t or don’t want to watch hockey until 1am when they’ve got work at 8am the next day. Completely understandable, but way too many people are missing out on watching the most exciting player in hockey. It’s an absolute travesty and a ginormous waste of easy marketing to not have Connor McDavid everywhere. His face and highlights should be plastered everywhere like Lebron’s are by the NBA. Maybe the NHL didn’t expect the Blackhawks Oilers series to be this fun, maybe they expected a simple three game series sweep by the Oilers like most of us did. The exact opposite has happened. Blackhawks lead the series 2-1 and Oilers Blackhawks might be the most entertaining series of all. Followed closely by the Penguins Canadiens series, more on that later.

It is genuinely sad that the NHL isn’t marketing how much fun it is to watch Connor McDavid. This series Blackhawks vs Oilers series is not getting the marketing or the prime time airing that it should and I feel bad for all the fans that have missed seeing McJesus play. I mean just look at how good and fast he is.

Connor McDavid, are you SERIOUS? You try stopping him right now. #StanleyCup Qualifiers on NBC (@NHLonNBCSports) August 4, 2020

McDavid has five goals in 3 games. In the Oilers one victory in the series he had a hat trick. Took him all of 19 SECONDS to score his first goal that game. It’s not fair that some East coast fans have to go to bed before watching him play.

Like I said the Oilers Blackhawks series might be the best of the qualifying round. Both teams have said “fuck it, who needs defense when you can score this much,” and they have filled the net at both ends. Last game ended in a 4-3 victory for the Blackhawks. Game before that was a 6-3 victory for the Oilers. Game one of the series was a 6-4 Blackhawks win. 26 goals scored over 3 games. A lot of people complain that hockey isn’t a high scoring affair and that’s why it’s not as much fun. Show those