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Blake Bortles ⛵️ to sign with Denver Broncos

Update: Denver is signing former Jags’ and Rams’ QB Blake Bortles to a one-year deal once he passes his COVID protocols, per source. With Drew Lock out 3-5 weeks, the Broncos almost signed Bortles last year and now will take the next step this year. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) September 22, 2020

Bortles isn’t exactly the greatest quarterback of all time. He’s the Best Of All Time. The BOAT. He’s a man that bought a Tesla so he’d stop going to the gas station as much to buy dip. Now he just owns an electric car and goes to the gas station anyways to buy dip. A man made for Denver. In Colorado we care about the environment and our clean air, much like Bortles with his Tesla, but we Coloradoans still need our vices, just like Bortles. He’s going to fit in so well in the Mile High City.

Jokes aside this is honestly a great signing for the Broncos. Blake Bortles isn’t going to challenge Drew Lock for the starting role once he’s healthy. (If he does Lock is not as good as Broncos fans thought) At the worst Bortles is the Broncos backup to Jeff Driskel and makes sure they don’t have to use an emergency QB if Driskel gets hurt. At best Bortles starts over Driskel and plays just well enough to win a game or two and wins over the hearts of Denver fans with his charm. Either way it’s a win-win, considering how injury cursed the Broncos are it’s a win to not have to use an emergency QB.

The big thing Bortles brings to Denver is experience. He’s started 76 games to Driskel’s 13 and to Drew Locks 7. Experience is good no matter what.

So what Bortles has a losing record. Experience is experience. Driskel has a losing record too, in fact the only QB on the Broncos roster that doesn’t have a losing record is Drew Lock and he can’t play right now.

Just goes to show you how quickly a season filled with hope can turn to shit. In August Broncos fans were ready to declare Drew Lock the MVP, now half the team is hurt and we’re going to rally around BOAT Bortles.


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