Bobby Ryan nets a Hat Trick in first home game after entering NHL substance abuse program

What a feel good story. The NHL has been pumping these out the past couple of days now. On Saturday February 22nd David Ayers secured the first ever win for an emergency goalie, and now the story of Bobby Ryan.

Several months ago on November 20th Bobby Ryan admitted that he had a problem. He suffered from alcohol addiction. Ryan would then enter into the NHL substance abuse program where he would spend the next chunk of his life battling his addiction.

After a 100 days of reported sobriety Bobby Ryan was ready to take the ice again. Ready to prove that he was stronger than addiction and that he could still skate with the best of them. He showed that he can skate with the best to the tune of 3 goals and a fight in his first game back. An absolutely electric game for Ryan. The man was just happy to be back on the ice and instead he scores a hat trick. You can see the emotion on his face. Just a giant feel good story.

Bobby Ryan himself said this is the kind of story you can’t write up.

“I knew Ottawa being the community that it is that the reception would be good,” Ryan said. “It just got harder to keep the emotions down throughout the game. It was incredible. They supported me and I got to contribute. You can’t write that, the way that went. It was just an incredible evening, so thank you to all of them.” Associated Press

Professional Hockey player realizes he has a problem with alcohol abuse, acknowledges this, gets help, first home game back from recovery he scores a hat trick. You just don’t see a story like that very often. We see stories of athletes ruining not only their careers but their lives as well over drugs and addiction. To see a story of the exact opposite is an amazing change of pace. Redemption and success is so much more fun to see than failure and ruin for sports fans.

Congratulations to Bobby Ryan not only on the hat trick but also to his sobriety. The Senators won’t make the playoffs so hopefully he enjoys the tail end of the NHL season and when the offseason comes he can take a vacation, chill on the beach somewhere and drink some virgin mai tai’s. He’s earned it.

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