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Brandon Manning gets absolutely dusted by Boko Imama for using a racial slur

Quick backstory in case you’re not quite up to date with the American Hockey League (AHL). A couple of weeks back Brandon Manning was suspended for 5 games by the AHL for using a racial slur towards Boko Imama of the Ontario Reign. No idea why the racial slur was used or even what it was. It was said that it was NOT the hard R.

Fast forward to the present. You had to see it coming. In a sport that allows fighting and at times has encouraged it you knew a fight was coming the next time Boko Imama saw Brandon Manning on the ice. The hockey rink is the greatest place on earth for this kind of situation. Two people who don’t like each other can beat the piss out of each other, sit in the penalty box for 5 minutes then move on with their life. It’s the most efficient form of problem solving and justice this world has. It’s Hockey Court. Manning knew he said something he shouldn’t have and he immediately apologized for it. But is that really enough in certain situations? Not really. Sometimes you just want to drop the mitts with someone because they deserve to get their ass beat. Boko Imama wanted his justice on and off the rink and Hockey Court allowed that.

Quick backtrack again. Brandon Manning should know better. Racial slurs have no place in hockey. They have no place in life. Manning is 29 and has played in the NHL for a time and is a professional. You can’t brush this off from a younger player either, but maybe you can say they’ll learn from a suspension. Yet this came from a 29 year old. A five game suspension just didn’t seem to be enough. At least not in the eyes of Boko Imama.

Manning served his five game suspension and it seems like Imama didn’t think he learned his lesson. A five game suspension wasn’t enough of a lesson in his eyes so he beat the lesson into him. Both players served their five minute penalty and kept the game rolling. Boko also beat the piss out of Manning. Manning got dusted and he deserved it.

This is why hockey is the best sport. This is why every single sport should allow fighting. Earlier in the NFL season Myles Garret was suspended for ripping a players helmet off and hitting them with their own helmet. Garret is an elite talent and did not play another snap in the 2019 season after the incident. ALLEGEDLY Myles Garret did this because a racial slur was used against him. Once again, ALLEGEDLY. There’s no fighting in the NFL so Myles Garret was suspended indefinitely for the incident. Well maybe if the NFL allowed players to fight for extreme incidents, like in hockey, then maybe this doesn’t happen. Who knows. That’s pure speculation. But in my humble opinion all sports should allow fighting if a racial slur is used. Sometimes you just got to beat the lesson into them. This language has no place in life. I know BOLD take. If all the leagues allowed fighting you wouldn’t be suspending your best players, the players fans pay money to see, sitting at home suspended.

It is utterly ridiculous that this is happening in 2020. Hockey is for everyone. Every sport is for everyone. Regardless of skin color, religion, sexual orientation or whatever. Who cares. If you want to play and are good you should be allowed to play without prejudice. The end. There should be zero debate. If you’re talented enough to play you should be allowed to play without prejudice. Good on Boko Imama for beating that lesson into Brandon Manning, hopefully this teaches him not to be a trashy person.

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