Brandon McManus sucks and Drew Lock shines in Broncos win

For most of the season sitting down to watch a Denver Broncos game on Sunday felt like a chore. Watching them play hurt Broncos fans. To see a once highly respected and successful franchise turned into a joke with no quarterback was so painful. Rodger Goodell and the NFL forcing the Broncos to play without a quarterback against the Saints solidified this season as a hurtful joke in the eyes of Broncos fans. At least it is in my eyes. That didn’t matter to the die hard Broncos fans. Every Sunday the die hards have tuned in to watch like they were Micheal Scott trying to date again.

Broncos fans sitting down to watch Denver play on Sundays

But not on Sunday against the Panthers. Broncos fans and myself sat down in front of a tv ready to get hurt again. Instead we were gifted with a present surprise. A Broncos offense that could actually score points. Like a bunch of them. Drew Lock and the offense put up four touchdowns against the Panthers. Lock threw for all four of the touchdowns. And it was glorious. He had all of his moxie back and he was dropping dimes. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. But it was right there in front of me. Drew Lock checking the ball down, reading the field, accurately hitting the deep ball, and throwing to Jerry Jeudy. Lock played a complete game. Seriously, I almost wouldn’t believe it if there wasn’t video.

Touchdown, @Broncos!@DrewLock23 finds a wide open @N_Vannett81 and Denver takes the lead! #BroncosCountry 📺: #DENvsCAR on CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: — NFL (@NFL) December 13, 2020

.@Kj_hamler takes the top off the defense for a 37-yard TD! #BroncosCountry 📺: #DENvsCAR on CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: — NFL (@NFL) December 13, 2020

.@DrewLock23’s third touchdown pass of the day 👏 @Tpstreets #BroncosCountry 📺: #DENvsCAR on CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: — NFL (@NFL) December 13, 2020

Drew Lock goes deep to to @Kj_hamler AGAIN. #BroncosCountry 📺: #DENvsCAR on CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: — NFL (@NFL) December 13, 2020

It was a stellar performance from Drew Lock against the Panthers. Although the Panther’s aren’t exactly a great team. But Lock looked great against a bad team. For a quarterback that hasn’t looked good against anyone that is a step in the right direction. Lock did everything you ask of a quarterback on Sunday. Besides the one sack fumble he had zero turnovers. He moved the offense down the field. And he had four touchdowns to boot. If only Lock could play like that every Sunday. Then maybe he could still be the long term solution for the Broncos. Maybe it isn’t time to throw the towel in on Drew Lock. After all this was just his 15th game. And that includes the Steelers game where he played just half a quarter.

Obviously Drew Lock is going to be the talk of the game after his performance. The Denver Broncos front office has been swinging and missing on quarterbacks since Peyton Manning retired. Now Drew Lock plays like this and there is a tiny sliver of hope that he could still be good. Maybe John Elway didn’t swing and miss on the Drew Lock draft pick after all. Unfortunately there was still one person swinging and missing against the Panthers. And that was Brandon McManus.

As a matter of fact Brandon McManus sucked against the Panthers. But you didn’t hear that from me.

Oh snap… I thought that was from my burner account — Brandon McManus (@thekidmcmanus) December 14, 2020

Despite missing two extra points Brandon McManus still has a great sense of humor. Then again a bunch of kickers were missing kicks all day. So maybe it was just a bad kicker day. And McManus did not play nearly as bad as Dan Bailey did. He was awful. Plus the Broncos won so who cares? All is forgiven Brandon McManus.

The other points of the day came from a Broncos punt return touchdown from Dionte Spencer. It was the Broncos first punt return touchdown since 2015. The special teams unit wasn’t a complete dumpster fire. After years of mediocre play from special teams they finally came through. Without them and Jerry Jeudy running the guy down on the Drew Lock fumble the Broncos might not have won this game.

Overall great performance from the Broncos against the Panthers. The defense could have tightened it up a little bit. But the offense actually scored enough points where it didn’t matter. And winning with the offense is a lot of fun. The Broncos offense carried the defense a bit this game, cause the defense still played good. Just could have been better.

The Broncos beat the Panthers 32-27. Next on the schedule, the Buffalo Bills. This week Broncos fans can get ready to be hurt again on a Saturday.

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