Breaking: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman return to play announcement today

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will make a formal announcement on the NHL's return-to-play plan today at 4:30 p.m. ET on @Sportsnet. — Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) May 26, 2020

Not sure what the announcement will be. Likely a formal announcement on the 24 team playoffs that the NHL will use as their return to play model, as well as the teams that will be a part of those playoffs and how they will look.

My guess is they’ll formally announce that the playoffs will look like this. You can also expect some clarification on what the top four teams in each conference will be doing. Will they get a bye? Will they play each other for seeding? Your guess is as good as mine, but some hockey, no matter how weird or unorthodox it may be, is better than no hockey.

More to come after the announcement

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