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Brendan Leipsic gets fired on his day off after group chat leaks and goes viral

Hate to see it. Not the part where a player gets booted from the team for sexist comments. That’s some what expected. Brendan Leipsic clearly needs to learn a lesson in maturity so this punishment is well deserved. No one is perfect, you and me included, but actions come with consequences and no longer being on the Washington Capitals is Brendan Leipsic’s consequence. So the part where the player makes sexist comments in the first place, that’s what you hate to see.

The Washington Capitals have placed Brendan Leipsic on unconditional waivers for purposes of terminating his contract. — CapitalsPR (@CapitalsPR) May 8, 2020

Leipsic has released his own statement regarding the leaked chat where he insulted players wives and girlfriends going viral that cost him a job. He states that he is committed to being a better person and apologizes. — brendan leipsic (@19LEIP) May 6, 2020

I’d say the easiest way for him to be held accountable is every woman he insulted gets to beat the piss out of him, or he can just apologize in person and beg forgiveness on his knees. My initial reaction was the players the women are dating or married to will take their anger out on him on the ice, but now that Leipsic is out of a job that’s off the table. Whichever will teach him the lesson in the most accountable and meaningful way. Hopefully he does apologize directly to everyone he insulted. Perhaps he truly can become a better person and learn from this, we’re all trying to be better people, so perhaps this could be his wake up call to not be a scummy person.

Even if he does learn his lesson the damage has been done. This behavior doesn’t belong in the NHL, the NFL, the MLB, it doesn’t belong anywhere. Just be better.

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