Broncos injury woes continue in week 2 loss

Week 2 in the NFL is over for every team, except for the Raiders and Saints, and it’s been an injury plagued week in the NFL and for the Denver Broncos. It’s almost like an extended training period and four preseason games are wildly important to injury prevention. Sure the preseason games are boring, but at least when they play the preseason games half the NFL’s stars aren’t injured two weeks in to the season. Who would have guessed conditioning and preseason games were so important?

Okay so half the leagues stars aren’t injured, but it looked like it was the Red Wedding on the field this week. It seemed like every time you changed the channel to a different game a new player was hurt. Saquon Barkley went down, Jimmy Garapolo went down, Nick Bosa went down, Tyrod Taylor was hurt before the game even started, Drew Lock went down in the first quarter, the list just went on and on.

A look at players that have left today’s game due to an injury and are out for the day. 16 and counting…. — Field Yates (@FieldYates) September 20, 2020

When that was tweeted 16 players and counting had gotten hurt on Sunday. Any injury is bad, but man these are big name guys going down. I say the Broncos are injury cursed, but man I feel for 49ers fans. They also look cursed, although it looks like the NFL as a whole might be injury plagued this year.

The Broncos just can’t seem to catch a single break this year. They lost their number one defender in Von Miller before the season even started. At least fans would be able to rally around a young quarterback and root for him and his development for the future with the fan favorite Von Miller sidelined, right? WRONG. Drew Lock got hurt in the first half of the Broncos at Steelers game. He’s out for 2-6 weeks. Now the Broncos are without their two highest paid defensive players in Von Miller and A.J. Bouye, their number 1b running back in Phillip Lindsay, their starting quarterback, and potentially down their number one wide receiver Courtland Sutton again. Sutton left the game with a knee issue and never returned.

  1. Von Miller, most likely done for the year.

  2. Courtland Sutton, feared to have significant knee injury.

  3. Phillip Lindsay, out at least 2 weeks.

  4. Drew Lock, out 2-6 weeks.

  5. A.J. Bouye out at least 3 weeks.

Whoever has the Broncos voodoo doll if you could stop what you’re doing that would be awesome. Three starters on offense and two on defense out for extended periods of time. What did the Broncos do to deserve this? The season had a glimmer of hope and the injury woes snuffed it out two weeks in to the season. An absolutely miserable start to the year for Broncos fans.

Despite the misery there is a bit of hope for the Denver Broncos. Sure they’re 0-2, but they lost those games by a combined 7 points. Even with all the injuries the Broncos have had a chance to win both games they’ve played. The offense is one of the youngest in the NFL learning a new system with no preseason games for practice. It’s going to take more than two games for the offense to learn the system. As for the defense? They’ve allowed 42 points so far this season, or 21 points a game. That’s really good for a defense missing it’s two best players. That defense also held the Titans to 16 points. You know, the same Titans team that was in the AFC Championship a year ago.

If the Broncos defense holds on during the last drive of these first two games the Broncos could be sitting at 1-1 or even 2-0. The Broncos defense let the Titans march down the field for the game winning field goal in week 1, in week 2 the defense couldn’t make one last stop to give their offense a chance at a game winning drive. The outcome of both these games came down to the last minute. It sucks but it’s the sign of a team that wants to fight to the end and wants to win. They’ve just got to learn how to win, having a healthy team would probably help as well. At least in week two Vic Fangio was able to have some clock management skills.

On the note of clock management, it takes a bit more than one year to learn clock management as a head coach. Andy Reid has been made fun of for his poor clock management for years and he just won a Super Bowl. Vic Fangio will learn how best to manage the clock, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Fangio has coached 18 games as the head guy, I’m not going to sit back and yell at him to learn how to manage a clock when it took me more games to learn how to manage the clock in Madden. Okay so I’ll still get mad, sure, but I won’t yell and act like I’d do it better with his level of head coaching experience. Much like the young offense give the second year head coach a little time to learn. Stop calling for Fangio to be fired just TWO GAMES into his SECOND year as a head coach. The Broncos don’t want to end up like the Browns hiring a new head coach every other year.

The Broncos are now 0-2. They won’t have their starting quarterback for the next 2-6 weeks, Sutton could be done for an extended period of time, Von Miller is out, A.J. Bouye is out, Phillip Lindsay is hurt, it’s a bloodbath for the Broncos. Yet they somehow have had a chance to win both games against two teams that were in the playoffs last year and have healthy rosters. A miserable start to the year for the Broncos with a couple of moral victories sprinkled on top.

Moral victories suck compared to actual wins in the W column, but right now it’s what the Broncos got. It might not be a fun year for the Broncos and their fans, but the future does look extremely bright. The offense will only improve as they continue to learn the system. The defense has been rock solid, besides the last two minutes of games, and that is despite the injuries. If only they had an offensive line that could protect their quarterback. All the L’s the Broncos have taken would feel a lot better if fans could at least watch their potential franchise quarterback play.

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