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Broncos lose to Rodger Goodell and the Saints

Rodger Goodell and the NFL allowing that Broncos Saints game to happen was a complete joke. You can’t play a game of football at the NFL level without a quarterback. Kendall Hinton and the Broncos tried their hardest. But this game was lost before it started. It was a gifted win to the Saints. Although you have to give all the respect in the world to Kendall Hinton. He was put in an impossible situation.

There was a game today. The final score is what it is. Undrafted rookie WIDE RECEIVER @Kendall_Hinton2 came off the practice squad, had zero practice reps and competed in his first NFL game as the Broncos’ QUARTERBACK—an unprecedented situation. He deserves all the respect. — Denver Broncos (@Broncos) November 29, 2020

Kendall Hinton had never taken a snap in an NFL game before yesterday. Let alone at the quarterback position. I joked saying this was like when an EBUG comes in to play in the NHL, but it was worse. At least emergency back up goaltenders practice at the position every so often during the season. Hinton hadn’t practiced at quarterback for multiple years. He tried his best and that was all that was asked of him. Obviously that’s all that you can ask of Kendall Hinton. The team rallying around him after the game almost made up for how shitty this game was.

Well done @Kendall_Hinton2 👏#BroncosCountry — Ryan Greene 📷 (@RyanCBS4) November 29, 2020

Like I said, this game happening was a joke. This never would have happened if Pat Bowlen was still alive and owning the team. Rodger Goodell never would have looked Bowlen in the eyes and made the Broncos play this game. That clown Goodell couldn’t do it. Although this was somewhat the Broncos fault the NFL never should have made the Broncos play this game. At least not when it was.


I understand why the Broncos are at fault here. Not wearing masks when the league has specifically asked you to will get you in trouble. You can understand that Rodger Goodell and the NFL was punishing the Broncos by making them play without a quarterback. In their blind wrath and attempt to punish the Broncos the NFL also ruined their own product and punished other teams. Because this Broncos Saints game was a poor representation of the NFL, and it hurt other teams.

If you’re a fan of an NFC team trying to make the playoffs or the first seed you should be pissed. Think about it. The NFL just gifted a win to the Saints. Goodell made the Broncos play without a quarterback on less than 24 hours notice. No way the Broncos were winning that game. It was impossible. The Saints predictably won and made it that much harder for your team to make the playoffs or get the first seed in the playoffs.

This hurt the NFL too. Because that game sucked. There was no competitive balance between the Saints and the Broncos. It did not look like a real NFL game. No NFL game should have fans begging for the wildcat and making jokes about how they have wildcat fever.

Rodger Goodell has given me a fever. And the only prescription is more wildcat.

Rodger Goodell and the NFL got what they wanted in punishing the Broncos. Denver looked like a joke and they lost the game. But for what? In doing so they hurt other teams and their own product. The game was an emberrasment for the Broncos and the NFL and an easy win for the Saints. A real lose lose situation. The only people that came out on top were the Saints and their fans, cause at least they won.

In reality, I don’t really know what Rodger Goodell and the NFL were trying to accomplish by making the Broncos play that game. But whatever it was they made the Broncos play. Obviously the Saints were going to win this game. Broncos lose to the Saints 31-3. At least they weren’t shut out and they lost by less than Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

Worth pointing out that Kendall Hinton and the Broncos still were able to put up the same number of points against the Saints as Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. — KJ Doyle (@bykjdoyle) November 29, 2020

A Broncos team with no QBs scored the same number of points against the Saints as a team with Tom Brady, Leonard Fournette, LeSean McCoy, Ronald Jones, Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski and Cameron Brate. — Evan Saacks (@evansaacks) November 29, 2020


I was totally right when I said the Broncos Saints might throw the ball 25 times total on Sunday. Taysom Hill threw the ball 16 times and Kendall Hinton threw it 9 times.

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