Broncos lose to Rodger Goodell and the Saints

Rodger Goodell and the NFL allowing that Broncos Saints game to happen was a complete joke. You can’t play a game of football at the NFL level without a quarterback. Kendall Hinton and the Broncos tried their hardest. But this game was lost before it started. It was a gifted win to the Saints. Although you have to give all the respect in the world to Kendall Hinton. He was put in an impossible situation.

There was a game today. The final score is what it is. Undrafted rookie WIDE RECEIVER @Kendall_Hinton2 came off the practice squad, had zero practice reps and competed in his first NFL game as the Broncos’ QUARTERBACK—an unprecedented situation. He deserves all the respect. — Denver Broncos (@Broncos) November 29, 2020

Kendall Hinton had never taken a snap in an NFL game before yesterday. Let alone at the quarterback position. I joked saying this was like when an EBUG comes in to play in the NHL, but it was worse. At least emergency back up goaltenders practice at the position every so often during the season. Hinton hadn’t practiced at quarterback for multiple years. He tried his best and that was all that was asked of him. Obviously that’s all that you can ask of Kendall Hinton. The team rallying around him after the game almost made up for how shitty this game was.

Well done @Kendall_Hinton2 👏#BroncosCountry — Ryan Greene 📷 (@RyanCBS4) November 29, 2020