Broncos starting practice squad WR Kendall Hinton at QB vs Saints

Introducing … Today's contagious disease practice squad elevation — WR Kendall Hinton. — Denver Broncos (@Broncos) November 29, 2020

Nothing quite like a CDPSE guy starting at quarterback at the highest level of football for the Broncos. Starting at the arguably most important position in football to boot. Although if you think of Kendall Hinton as an EBUG in the NHL it’s kind of cool. Except he’s playing quarterback in the NFL with zero experience.

Now that the NFL has decided to screw over the Broncos a second time they are being forced to start a practice squad WR at QB. Kendall Hinton has not logged a single snap at quarterback in the NFL in his career. At any level.

Not a single snap. Hinton hasn’t taken a snap at quarterback for the Broncos in practice even. It’s not just that he hasn’t taken a single game snap. Kendall Hinton has never taken a snap at QB for the Broncos. Not a single Broncos player has seen him play quarterback.

Talked to a few Broncos players. They’ve never seen Kendall Hinton take a single snap at QB in practice. Ever. That’s expected to change today. In a real game when he’s taking his first snaps as a NFL player. Ever. — James Palmer (@JamesPalmerTV) November 29, 2020

The Denver Broncos season is so damn cursed that they will be down every single quarterback on their roster. Drew Lock, Blake Bortles, Brett Rhypien, and Jeff Driskel are unavailable to play. And now the Broncos have to start a guy who hasn’t played QB in two years.

For the last season and a half Kendal Hinton has played wide receiver. The last season he played as a quarterback was 2018. He played for Wake Forest. I’ll be rooting for the guy. But when I googled “Kendall Hinton Wake Forest” I had to add in “highlights” to actually find something. And they were wide receiver highlights from 2019. So my guess is we’re going to be seeing this play a lot.

Kendall Hinton in the middle, Melvin Gordon to the left, and Phillip Lindsay in the back. Run the triple option all day.

If the Broncos are going to have any chance at winning today they are going to have to dominate this play. The triple option. The bread and butter of Army football. A team that has ran the ball 533 times and passed it 67 times. Just 67 times! All year! If you don’t believe me take a look. Denver will look a lot like Army against the Saints. I would not be shocked to watch the Broncos throw the ball less than 10 times. Although Kendall Hinton has thrown a touchdown pass more recently than Taysom Hill.

Kendall Hinton vs. Taysom Hill: The most anticipated QB battle of the 2020 season 👀 — NFL GameDay (@NFLGameDay) November 29, 2020

Last touchdown pass for Kendall Hinton was 1,149 days ago. But Taysom Hill’s last touchdown pass was 1,464 days ago. The Broncos and the Saints might throw the ball 25 times total today.

Besides throwing the ball is over rated. Right? For the most part winning teams have horrible quarterbacks, and they’re the fun teams to watch. Denver doesn’t need a quarterback. At least it seems like the NFL thinks that way. In the mean time when other team’s quarterbacks are put on COVID protocol the game is moved. No when the Broncos have every quarterback on their roster on the COVID list they have to play.

This is what the Broncos get for having no ownership. You have to have a full blown owner in the NFL. Someone that gets the final say over everyone else. Not some stupid trust like the Broncos have. Pat Bowlen never would have let this shit fly. He would have called up Roger Goodell and put that clown in his place. Bowlen would have gotten the game moved.

However, we’re stuck with a trust as Broncos fans. You never realize how important it is to have a single owner until you don’t have one. You have to hope a new owner comes in a whips these Donkeys into shape soon. Until then we’re going to hope for the best. Especially in this Saints game.

I don’t know how the NFL didn’t move this game, but it’s happening. Denver is going to start someone at quarterback who hasn’t played the position since 2018 at Wake Forest. Broncos fans have to know the team doesn’t have a chance against the Saints. But Kendall Hinton and the Broncos are going to try their best. And the clown that is Roger Goodell is forcing the Broncos to play so as fans we will watch.

If the Broncos have to deal with this situation again my vote is for Cale Makar at QB. He looks like he has some decent throwing mechanics. Although they do have options.

Cale Makar has thrown his hat in the ring to be the new Broncos QB1 — Frosty Talks (@Frosty_Talks) November 29, 2020

The Broncos are looking for a QB literally everywhere 😂@Broncos | @nuggets — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) November 29, 2020

Guess ima have to get my Lamar Jackson on — Jerry Jeudy⁴ (@jerryjeudy) November 28, 2020

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