Broncos vs Falcons; Week 9 Quick Recap

Well Broncos fans it’s back to rooting for the Donkeys. The Broncos did not look good at all. The defense wasn’t great. Drew Lock and the offense were awful until the fourth quarter. Again. Pat Schurmur still can’t install an offensive game plan to save his life. If you just look at the score board you would think it was close, but it wasn’t.

If you watched the game you knew it wasn’t close. Most of the Broncos points came in garbage time. Late garbage time. Drew Lock has looked great late in games down 21 when teams are playing prevent defense. The defense was giving the receivers all kinds of space and it made for a bunch of easy completions and yards for Lock.

The Broncos defense was missing AJ Bouye and Bryce Callahan and boy were they missed. The Falcons offense was able to gash the Broncos secondary for most of the game. Unfortunately one of the few bright spots of the Broncos season didn’t show up like they usually do.

Broncos defense didn’t play well. But when they are constantly on the field because the offense goes three-and-out every series they’re going to get tired and play poorly. And that’s happening because Pat Schurmur has been god awful at play calling all year.


Schurmur has to realize that calling a run on second in long is a bad idea by now right? Right!? It’s absolutely maddening to watch the Broncos run on second and long every time. Then pick up 3 yards to set up third and long. And fail to convert more than half the time. Running on second and long does not work.