Broncos vs Raiders: Week 10 Recap

The Denver Broncos are absolutely painful to watch right now. I thought last week against the Falcons was bad, but holy hell it somehow got worse this week. The defense doesn’t look too bad, especially when you take in to account all the injuries. But the offense and special teams have been horrendous. The defense at times can make up for how bad the other two units play, but 2/3 of this Denver Broncos team is hot garbage.

I honestly feel bad for this defense. This isn’t some top tier defense that could win the Broncos a championship if the offense was half way decent. In other words, it is not the 2015 Denver Broncos defense. But this years Broncos defense is still a good defense. Head and shoulders better than the offense that is for sure. With a half way decent offense the team could actually be good.

It’s too bad this offense just isn’t good and it falls on the two people most in charge. Pat Schurmur and Drew Lock have clearly become the problem for the Denver Broncos offense. Actually, they’ve been the problem all year.

Which of the two, Pat Schurmur or Drew Lock, is the bigger problem for the Denver Broncos. That is the the real question. Because neither are doing a great job right now.


I don’t know if it’s Pat or Drew thats the bigger problem, but Schurmer couldn’t devise and execute a decent game plan if the opposing team handed him their defensive strategy for that weeks game. Pat Schurmer has consistently called plays that put the offense and Drew Lock in bad positions week after week. I don’t know how many times myself and every big brain NFL analyst has to say it, but running the ball on second and long does not work. Sure every now and again it does work, but a broken clock is right twice a day and a blind squirrel still finds a nut every so often.

Besides calling a running play on second and long every chance he gets Schurmur still seems to find other ways to make life difficult for Drew Lock and the offensive line. The Raiders were blitzing heavy for most of the game in an attempt to get to Drew Lock and it worked. It worked so well Drew Lock is questionable to play this Sunday. Schurmur did not adjust to the blitz all game. And not adjusting got Drew hurt. Schurmur seems to outright refuse to adjust his game plan as the game moves along. It’s absolutely infuriating to watch.

When teams consistently blitz the quarterback you have to adjust. As an offensive coordinator you start calling short quick passes to get the ball out of the quarterback’s hands quicker. That play calling negates the rush. Any twelve year old that has consistently played Madden could tell you that. Yet Schurmur doesn’t seem to know that at all. If he does know that Schurmur sure isn’t showing that he does.

The lack of adjustments is absolutely maddening. What is more infuriating about the Broncos and the Schurmur coached offense is just how bland it is. There is a complete lack of motion pre snap to confuse the defense. If there is any motion at all in a play it is just to send the running back out wide or flip a receiver from one side to the other. The motion that Pat Schurmur uses in his offense does not confuse the defense at all and it is easy to see. The motion that is used is damn near useless and it is making this offense look like one from ten plus years ago. Completely outdated. Much like Schurmur.

While Schurmur is a problem for the Broncos he isn’t the only one to blame. It might be time to throw in the towel on Drew Lock. Because Drew Lock has looked bad since he returned from injury. If I’m being completely honest with myself Drew has never really looked that good. He’s looked and acted fun, but he hasn’t been good. I love his personality and he has a lot of upside talent wise, but he hasn’t made any progress from last year. He just hasn’t looked good. Lock did look good in last years game against the Houston Texans and in the 4th quarter against the Chargers. But overall he’s looked bad and his quarterback rating is bad.

Drew Lock’s numbers: 55% completion — worst in NFL 213.9 passing yards per game — 26th in NFL 7 passing TDs — 28th in NFL 10 INTs — 2nd most in NFL 66.5 passer rating — 2nd worst in NFL 39.7 QBR — 3rd worst in NFL — Zac Stevens (@ZacStevensDNVR) November 16, 2020

There is no spinning those stats in to something good. Yes Drew Lock has shown flashes of brilliance, but those few moments are far outweighed by how bad he has played. Just look at the stats if you think other wise. He threw four interceptions against the Raiders. Four! Drew’s complete inability to read and digest a defense has completely tanked Jerry Jeudy’s rookie season. Lock still hasn’t played a full 16 games yet, so maybe he still can get better. But Lock has to improve quickly. Like in the next four games quickly. Otherwise he won’t be the Broncos quarterback for long.


The Broncos offense is completely unwatchable the way they are playing right now. They are bland, boring, unimaginative, and poorly coached. They’re just plain bad. Although Jerry Jeudy has looked awesome. Imagine if he had a quarterback that could actually get him the ball consistently. And Phillip Lindsay has looked good when Schurmur actually decides to involve him in the game plan. But overall they stink.

The other part of the team that stinks is the special teams. Honestly stinks is putting it nicely. They’re a complete dumpster fire. In fact why don’t we go get a live look in to the Broncos special team practice.

The Denver Broncos Special Teams

If it wasn’t for a penalty on the Raiders the special teams unit would have given up a punt return for a touchdown and the game would have been out of hand a lot sooner. This unit looks as badly coached, if not worse, as the offense. It is time for Tom McMahon to go. He has been with the team for three years and for three years this unit has been a disaster. Send McMahon to Siberia, send him to Hawaii for all I care. I just want him as far away from the Denver Broncos as possible.

That Broncos game against the Raiders was awful to watch. If you tuned in and watched the whole thing then you really are a true fan. A truly sad Broncos fan, but a fan all the same. The team is now closer to having a draft pick in the top 5 than they are to getting a playoff berth. Even in an expanded playoff. Luckily this season doesn’t count because there was no offseason, the schedule has been fucked with numerous amounts, and the stadiums aren’t full of fans. At least I’ll keep telling myself this season doesn’t count to make me feel better.

The Broncos lose to the Raiders 37 to 12. Next on the schedule is the Miami Dolphins.


Why in the absolute FUCK was Drew Lock on pace to throw the ball 50 times when the Broncos were down by 4 points for most of the game? Schurmur is a complete buffoon when it comes to play calling.

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