Broncos vs Raiders: Week 10 Recap

The Denver Broncos are absolutely painful to watch right now. I thought last week against the Falcons was bad, but holy hell it somehow got worse this week. The defense doesn’t look too bad, especially when you take in to account all the injuries. But the offense and special teams have been horrendous. The defense at times can make up for how bad the other two units play, but 2/3 of this Denver Broncos team is hot garbage.

I honestly feel bad for this defense. This isn’t some top tier defense that could win the Broncos a championship if the offense was half way decent. In other words, it is not the 2015 Denver Broncos defense. But this years Broncos defense is still a good defense. Head and shoulders better than the offense that is for sure. With a half way decent offense the team could actually be good.

It’s too bad this offense just isn’t good and it falls on the two people most in charge. Pat Schurmur and Drew Lock have clearly become the problem for the Denver Broncos offense. Actually, they’ve been the problem all year.

Which of the two, Pat Schurmur or Drew Lock, is the bigger problem for the Denver Broncos. That is the the real question. Because neither are doing a great job right now.


I don’t know if it’s Pat or Drew thats the bigger problem, but Schurmer couldn’t devise and execute a decent game plan if the opposing team handed him their defensive strategy for that weeks game. Pat Schurmer has consistently called plays that put the offense and Drew Lock in bad positions week after week. I don’t know how many times myself and every big brain NFL analyst has to say it, but