Bruins vs Lighting Game 2 Recap

Bruins vs Lightning Game 2 Quick Recap — DR (@DylanRyanFT) August 26, 2020

The Bruins and Lighting are extremely evenly matched line to line. The top line of the Bruins with Marchand, Pastranak, and Bergeron might have a slight edge on Point, Palat, and Kucherov for the Lighting. It was a tight checking game the entire way through. The Lighting outpaced the Bruins in terms of shots outshooting them by 15. Getting that many more shots on goal usually leads to a blowout or at least a win in regulation. Nope, we got the greatest thing in sports, playoff overtime hockey.

Tight checking kept the score close the entire game. Neither team could hold a lead for a long period of time. The Bruins went up early in the first period on a goal from Nick Ritchie, his first of the playoffs. Something that has been lacking from the Bruins has been secondary scoring. Besides this goal it continues to be a weak point for the Bruins. Later in the first period the Lighting would even up the score on a goal from Blake Coleman where he had to literally lay his body out on the line.

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First period ends 1-1. The score wouldn’t stay tied long. Brad Marchand gives the Bruins the lead on a power play goal early in the second period. The Bruins were able to convert on one of their three power plays. Lighting couldn’t get a goal on either of theirs. While it was a tight checking physical game with a lot of hits, it was a fairly clean game. At least on the stat sheet, only five penalties called. Well the Bruins would hold the lead for far shorter than it was tied as 55 seconds later the Lightning tie the game up on a goal from Nikita Kuckerov. Second period ends tied 2-2.

Third period starts and neither team can gain any kind of edge on the other. Tight checking and chippy play kept the period tied up until Blake Coleman scored to give the Lighting a 3-2 lead, his second of the game. The Bruins wouldn’t have to pray to the guardian of the empty net as Brad Marchand Rat King tied the game with four minutes and two seconds to go in the third period. The way this game was going you could just tell the game would go in to overtime at this point. Neither team was going to be able to outwork, or slip past the others defense. Didn’t happen and the game heads to overtime.

Bruins got one goal from secondary scoring, the Lighting were able to get two goals from their secondary scoring. Yet those two goals for the Lighting did come from one person. The Bruins aren’t the only team that could use more scoring from secondary players, but the Lighting were better at it tonight. Without Brad Marchand’s two goals the Bruins don’t even get the chance at overtime.

Overtime hockey, the greatest sport drug of all time. It feels like what live betting the over feels like, just like a certain party drug it gets the heart pumping, and the blood flowing. It’s absolutely electric. The Lighting end up tying the series 1-1 after game two. Ondrej Palat calls game four minutes and forty seconds into overtime. The Lighting probably never want to see a multi over time game again.

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