Buccaneers sign former 10th overall pick to practice squad

Buccaneers officially signed former Dolphins and Cardinals QB Josh Rosen to their practice squad. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) September 8, 2020

Sometimes my brain impresses me, other times I am reminded I’m just a dumb fan like the rest of us. This time I got the Rosen analysis bout 50% correct. I said Rosen isn’t an enticing trade option, I was right. The Dolphins couldn’t find a single person that wanted the former 10th overall pick so they ended up cutting him. I said if any team should trade for Rosen it should be Tampa, well Tampa played chess while I attempted checkers. Tampa waited for the Dolphins to inevitably cut Rosen before signing him to the practice squad. So Rosen goes to the team I said should sign him, it just wasn’t a trade, plus he’s not on the active roster just the practice squad. I’ll call that a 50% success rate and in this business that’s not too shabby. Put that record as a batting average and I’m making A LOT of money.

Rosen moves down the road from Miami to Tampa Bay. The youngest journeyman quarterback in the NFL gets a new home and a new mentor. If Rosen can learn from Tom Brady and Bruce Arians than maybe Rosen can play multiple seasons for one team for the first time in his short NFL career. Not too sure how good of a teacher Brady is, but if he can teach Rosen half of what he knows than Rosen could be pretty good. Tampa Bay may have just found their successor to the 43 year old Brady.

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