California State Colleges cancel in person classes in fall, football likely as well

Pour one out for the homies going to California State colleges and pour one out for my favorite drinking game Late Night Pac-12 Bingo.

Many of the state colleges in California, like San Diego State University, will hold their classes primarily online in the fall, with certain classes still being held in person when necessary. You can probably guess which ones are necessary, the nursing classes, chemistry labs, biology, stuff you need to be hands on with because the entire job after college will be hands on. Those classes will still be in person. However, the majority of classes are going to be online. Which likely means no football for those California State Schools.

You could make the argument that just because the school is online doesn’t mean football won’t be played. Well you can take that argument all the way to the University of Phoenix’s football team and ask them what they think. The more likely scenario here is that football won’t happen if the school is online. Like Cardale Jones once said, “we ain’t come to play school.” Well now you don’t even come to ‘play school’ you can sit in your basement and play school. So the odds of these colleges encouraging their student athletes to come on campus to play football seems unlikely.

Okay so not a single one of the California state schools are in the Pac-12 so late night Pac-12 Bingo is still on. You do lose a lot of entertainment on the late night Mountain West Bingo though, it just doesn’t roll of the tongue quite as nicely. For the uneducated Late Night Pac-12 Bingo is a drinking game involving a bingo square. For every action you see happen thats on the square you take a drink, some squares you finish your drink, and when you finally get bingo you’re drunk and having an awesome time watching a mediocre football game that could likely go past 1am (depending on where you live.) In fact my favorite square on Late Night Pac-12 Bingo is when the game goes past midnight, absolutely electric stuff when that happens. Luckily for me, and you, we might still have Late Night Pac-12 Bingo this year, just probably not Late Night Mountain West Bingo. Pour one out for the homies going to California State Schools.

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