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Carole Baskins to join Dancing With the Stars

I mean, what the hell is the casting guy at ABC thinking? The lady from Tiger King, the one that half the country was convinced killed her husband and fed him to tigers, will be on a reality tv show about dancing with celebrities? Could they not find anyone else? Do they think people still care about Tiger King. The only thing I care about from that show is whether or not Baskins killed her husband or not. Also that the tigers shouldn’t be at Joe Exotics cocaine zoo or Baskins rinky dink excuse for a sanctuary.

JUST IN: #TigerKing’s @Carole_Baskin joins the cast of @DancingABC season 29! #DancingOnGMA#DWTS — Good Morning America (@GMA) September 2, 2020

I mean don’t get me wrong, Carol Baskins is a celebrity at this point. So yeah, I guess, whoever her partner is will be dancing with a star. She became a household name during quarantine when Tiger King Fever gripped the nation. Pretty much everyone had a different opinion on her. Was she a heartless bitch who used her dead husbands money to strong arm a man out of a underfunded zoo so she could put the cats in her own underfunded cat sanctuary, or was she just some absolute nut that fed her husband to tigers? Was she both? Probably. I don’t think I heard a positive opinion about Carol Baskins once.

I am still extremely convinced she fed her husband to tigers. If she didn’t do that his body is under the septic tank. Who knows this could be an elaborate FBI plot to get Baskins talking on camera more. She revealed a lot about how to feed a human being to tigers during Tiger King, give her a couple more interviews and she might slip up again and the police can arrest her. I don’t think a single person in America thought sardine oil would get a tiger to eat a person, but thanks to Carol Baskins I know that.

Baskins will be on the show along with Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean, Monica Aldama from Netflix’s Cheer, Kaitlyn Bristowe a Bachelorette star, Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir, Vernon Davis Super Bowl Champion, Disney Channel star Skai Jackson, the host of Catfish Nev Schulman, NBA player Charles Oakley, Anne Heche, Jenny Mai host of The Real, and Selling Sunset real estate agent Chrishell Stause. I have no idea if you can or can’t bet on the outcome of Dancing with the Stars but if I can I’m putting a future on the Olympic figure skater winning it all.

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