Colin Kaepernick is back!…. in Madden and has the highest free agent overall rating

Colin Kaepernick will return to #Madden21 ? @EAMaddenNFL — ESPN (@espn) September 8, 2020

Okay this makes perfect sense actually. Kaepernick has said he wants to return to play in the NFL, he hasn’t retired, which means he is a free agent. Free agents are featured in Madden so in reality he should be included in the game. Now what doesn’t make sense is this…

Colin Kaepernick's return rating of 81 on Madden is higher than the initial Madden 21 ratings for 17 of 32 Week One NFL starting quarterbacks — ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) September 8, 2020

He’s got a higher rating in Madden than 17 of the 32 starters! How is that even possible? I can somewhat understand how he’d be rated higher than the rookie quarterbacks and some of the second year quarterbacks, but how is a guy that hasn’t played in 3 years rated higher than former MVP Cam Newton? Where is Madden getting the tape on Kaepernick to give him this rating? How does he go from a 75 overall in Madden 17 to an 81 overall after three years of not playing? What are the Madden rating guys watching that no one else is that gives them the idea to rate him above all these guys? I need answers.

Free agent QB Colin Kaepernick will have a higher Madden rating than the following starting QBs: Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield, Cam Newton, Ryan Tannehill, Josh Allen, Derek Carr, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold, Jared Goff and Joe Burrow. — NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) September 8, 2020