College Football has no direction and Mike Emmert is to Blame

Paul Finebaum is not a fan of Mark Emmert. Personally neither am I. Never met the guy but he has been at the head of baring NCAA athletes from getting paid for years. So yeah screw that guy. I could have been getting paid back in the day. Finebaum isn’t saying that Emmert should be fired because he’s not letting student athletes get paid. Finebaum thinks that Emmert should be fired due to his lack of leadership during the covid-19 pandemic. There is a full video from Finebaum on why Emmert should be fired. The guy has some fantastic one liners. “Emmert telling us there is a problem with college football is like a meteorologist telling us that it is raining during a hurricane.” Not sure if he had that written down or if he just came up with that on the top of his head but it is gold.

Skip to 6:25 to hear just Finebaum.

A complete failure at leadership is pretty accurate. College football is looking bleak. Conference only games. No idea on how the College Football Playoffs are going to happen. If there is not inter conference play how the hell are we going to figure out which team is best. There are five conference commissioners but no commissioner of football. No wonder there is no direction. Each one of these commissioners are going to do what is best for themselves and their conference. Clearly there is no leadership as the Ivy League has canceled all sports at least until spring. Although that is expected from those nerds. Ha education first. As Cardale Jones once said, “I didn’t come to play school.” The other conferences are following Cardale’s lead and forwarding ahead with sports. They are all just doing it separately. The five conference commissioners are doing what they think is best. It is unfortunate that they are not all working together, but it isn’t entirely their fault that they are working in their own self interest, that it is Emmert’s. He is paid millions of dollars a year and has not said a word to the commissioners on how to go forward with their seasons. Honestly I wouldn’t be shocked if he hasn’t said a thing to any of the commissioners for any sports. The NCAA has so much oversight and regulation that Emmert probably thinks he can just sit back and let the system figure itself out. The system is absolutely massive so him thinking that is crazy during a pandemic but not normally. Random house checks, absolutely crazy diet restrictions, the hours are absolutely nuts, scholarships can be taken away due to injury, practice hours and regulations cripple the ability for non scholarship athletes (the majority) to hold a job so that they can pay for college, the list goes on but you get the point.

Well times aren’t exactly normal are they? Emmeret’s lack of leadership has created this everyone or in this case every league for themselves situation. Finebaum says that it may take the rest of time for the conference commissioners to agree on who should be the head guy for college football. But that is future College Football’s problem. There needs to be some kind of leader ship from somebody right now. Maybe from the President of the NCAA, the person that oversees EVERYTHING. The conference commissioners have to listen to what Emmert says right? He is their boss after all. I think Emmert hasn’t ever made that clear. Thats because Emmert has let the commissioners do whatever they please for years. The massive system of rules and regulations has allowed Emmert to hand the reigns over to the conference commissioners so that he can sit back and collect millions of dollars. Finebaum compares Emmert to a groundhog that just hangs out under ground. Honestly groundhogs are kinda cute, plus Groundhog Day is a pretty good movie. So no, we can’t insult groundhogs by comparing them to Emmert. He’s a worm. Hides forever, you never see them, then boom, it rains and worms are all over the side walks. Well it’s raining now and the worms are out. Emmert has come out and said the obvious because college football is a mess and its raining the tears of college football fans that think the season could be cancelled.

Finebaum has covered the College Football for forty years and he has never seen such dis-functionality. You can clearly see that the reason for the chaos is a lack of leadership. Emmert hasn’t exactly given the conference commissioners any direction. So really no one knows what they hell is going on. Hopefully we see college football in the fall, I doubt it will look normal. There really isn’t any reason to think that the conferences are going to suddenly change course and decide on non conference games. It sure would be cool if they did, but I’m not getting my hopes up with this one. The NFL, confident they will play. College football will play, but it is not going to look like a normal year. Fire Emmert. For his absolute lack of leadership and for baring student athletes from getting paid. A BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR non profit can’t afford to move some of that money around to make sure athletes get compensated for risking their health to play sports during a pandemic, and any other time, yeah right. Pay the athletes. Figure out how we’re playing college football this year then fire Emmert.

My highly biased opinion after three years in the NCAA is that it is a rotten organization. Making a billion dollars a year from March Madness and having the players not see a dime of that is atrocious. March Madness is just one massive source of income for them. They make so much money from football and other sports. The NCAA claims that all money is spent back into the programs so they truly are a non profit but that is asinine. The schools funnel money into giant stadiums, over priced locker rooms, and other shit so that they can claim they only break even on money when in reality they are a fully profitable organization. To think that a multi billion dollar organization can’t afford to pay AT LEAST the players in the most profitable sports is crazy. Like I said I am biased in this opinion, but Finebaum and I can both agree that Emmert should be fired.

Please play college football in the fall.

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