Coloradans will not be denied their weed and booze. Even during quarantine

Denver announced that the city would be put on a shelter in place measurement and all non essential businesses would be closed. That included all recreational weed and liquor stores. The second the citizens of Denver heard their local stores dedicated to coping mechanisms were closing they took action.

The people of Denver would not be denied their weed. This is a time where the stereotypes of Colorado are extremely true. If you’re not up to date with the stereotypes of Colorado it’s that everyone smokes weed and that half the state skis or snowboards yo get everywhere.

Stoners everywhere flocked to the dispensaries. So much that it was an absolute shit show. Crowds in the hundreds were lined up for what they thought would be the last time they would be able to get weed for the next month or more. The city had essentially shut down and the only thing that mattered was where the people of Denver were going to get their weed.

Does this show that people care more about getting high than protecting their own and others health? Probably not. If anything this just shows that if you’re going to be locked in your house for a month you had better get stocked up on the essentials. Not toilet paper, obviously. No to the citizens of Colorado the biggest necessity is being able to get high and drunk consistently.

To cope with the massive crowds mingling and spreading Coronavirus willy nilly the mayor of Denver had to take action. The best course of action in the mayors mind was to classify liquor stores and dispensaries as essential businesses.

Weed and liquor are essential according to Colorado. So if you’re in Colorado go pick up a couple ounces of weed or a six pack and hunker down inside with that. Not a doctor but this social distancing and staying home ought to be taken seriously. If it isn’t taken seriously then everyone will have to stay inside longer and sports won’t come back anytime soon.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. If you’re in Colorado get drunk and or high while you’re at it. It is an essential after all.


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