Colorado Avalanche send four prospects to World Juniors

Obviously the NHL isn’t playing just yet. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t NHL level talent playing. A ton of NHL drafted players and NHL prospects are playing right now in the NCAA. And college hockey has been a ton of fun to watch. Michigan vs Minnesota was a great time.

Colorado Avalanche draft pick Sampo Ranta gets the power play goal for Minnesota #CollegeHockey — Frosty Talks (@Frosty_Talks) December 9, 2020

It’s even more fun if your favorite pro team has a couple prospects playing in the NCAA. Now NCAA hockey might be fun to watch, but it’s nothing compared to the World Juniors when it comes to amateur hockey.

The World Juniors is the premier amateur hockey tournament for players under 20 years old. It draws some of the best talent in the world year after year. A ton of NHL prospects play in the World Juniors. Even some current NHL players will play for their home country.

The point is the kids that play in the World Juniors are some of the best in the world. It’s an absolute blast to watch. This year might not be as much fun as the time I watched the World Juniors at a beach bar in Playa Del Carmen, but it’ll still be fun. And it’s always fun when your team has four players participating.

The Colorado Avalanche are sending four guys to the World Juniors. Bowen Byram, Alex Newhook, Justin Barron, and Drew Helleson made Workd Juniors teams. The first three are playing for Team Canada. Who look like early favorites to win the whole thing. But Team USA are looking to put up a good fight and Drew Helleson is playing for them.

All four of those guys made World Juniors rosters. That is a ton of NHL level talent just waiting in the wings for their shot to play. Some of these guys even have a chance to become high end level talent in the NHL. When the World Juniors start on Christmas Day keep an eye on Byram and Newhook. Byram has a chance to play in the NHL this year. Newhook was the NCAA rookie of the year last year and will be in the NHL soon.

Honestly, all four of these guys are must watch if you’re an Avs fan. The pipeline is looking strong for the Avalanche right now. The main roster looks like it could compete for a cup right now. And with the talent waiting in the wings the Avalanche could be competing for years to come.


College Hockey is so much fun to watch. Pretty much every NHL team has a player or two playing college hockey. It’s a must watch while there is no NHL. If you’re an Avs fan you got to watch Boston College. Imagine Newhook and Helleson scoring goals for the Avs together instead of BC.

We drafted them together this summer and now Alex Newhook and Drew Helleson both scored their first collegiate goals together in Colorado. So special. #WeAreBC #GoAvsGo — Colorado Avalanche (@Avalanche) October 21, 2019

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