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Colorado Avalanche sign Jean-Luc Foudy to ELC

The Avalanche announced today that they have signed Jean-Luc Foudy to an Entry Level Contract. The nineteen year old had 3 points in 10 games with the Morrums GoIS of Hockey Ettan, Sweden's third-tier hockey league, to start the 2020-21 season. He then went on to register 14 points (3g/11a) in 34 games with the Colorado Eagles. Even though he was a third round draft pick the kid has a ton of upside. He's extremely fast on the ice, which fits the mold of the Colorado Avalanche perfectly. Plus he can handle the puck well at a fast pace, another skill the Avalanche want from all their players. Jean-Luc Foudy is going to be a name that Avalanche fans learn really quick.

But what does this signing mean for the Avalanche in the playoffs? Maybe nothing. Could mean something though. The Avalanche's other young stud center, Alex Newhook, will be healthy for the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. So Foudy wasn't signed to replace him on the ice due to injury. Maybe the Avalanche signed him to be a replacement for Nazem Kadri, who is still suspended for 6 games due to this illegal check to the head.

That is the exact kind of hit that the NHL is trying to get rid of so I have no problem with the Department of Player Safety suspending Kadri. It's practically a tradition for him to get a first round suspension every year. But without Kadri the Avalanche are going to need another hard nosed, and fast forward. Maybe that's where Foudy steps in. Although I'll admit its pretty unlikely that Foudy gets his first NHL minutes in the second round of the playoffs. Crazier things have happened though, and in Sakic we trust. So whatever the Avalanche GM decides to do I know the Avs Faithful will be all for it. Welcome to the squad Jean-Luc Foudy.


Foudy is pronounced FOOD-ie

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