Coors plant in Golden Colorado catches on fire

The fire was burning atop a 16-story silo. Wood planks on top of the silo were on fire, and firefighters were spraying water on the flames. Firefighters had contained the fire by 1 p.m., according to Molson Coors officials. The company said the fire was contained to a malt house that had been shuttered for some time and that no employees were injured. Ryan Osborne Denver 7 News

I don’t know what a malt house is but I know malt goes in beer and if a malt house is on fire than the beer supply chain is damaged. Which is a travesty. The beer can’t go away. Sports were taken from us for months and just as they come back the beer we need to drink while watching sports has caught on fire. Luckily no workers were injured, but now the important question becomes is the beer safe? Will there be a Coors shortage in the coming months? Will I have to buy a different beer? I really don’t want to buy a different beer, I’m loyal like that.


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