COVID-19: When can we re-open?

When the novel Corona Virus started to make headlines toward the beginning of March, there were many different aspects that came along with it. We had government officials and doctors such as Anthony Fauci ordering the public to stay inside and quarantine. This is when businesses and cities as a whole began to “shut down”. I think that most people with even the slightest number of brain cells agree that this was a sufficient start to combatting the virus.

As per the second phase, we as the public were ordered to wear a mask if we were to leave our homes, again, I think this plan made sense to most people out there. As businesses started to open up though, Fauci made the claim that we are opening too soon and that we might be creating a larger issue, and that proper testing is required in order to win this fight against the virus. I think that this is when the American people have started to get frustrated. We are doing everything that is being asked of us, yet we seem to be making no steps in the right direction. I was starting to think that we really had no idea what the hell was going on.

Today, Dr. Fauci came out and said that “now is the time to reopen the economy” per CNBC. So which is it? Just a week ago the Doctor made the claim that we will create an even bigger issue through opening up the economy. I think that the bigger issue is that there is an even amount of people on both sides of the topic. There are Americans that are now horrified to leave their homes due to the level of media attraction that this pandemic has received, and on the other side there are people that haven’t changed their daily habits whatsoever. The ladder makes me lean more on the reopening side.

But obviously there should be a set of guidelines in order to do so. We have heard this a hundred times now: if you are sick, stay home. If you are unhealthy in any way, stay home. If we don’t figure it out soon there will be the issue of weaker immune systems among the public and I think this could lead to an even larger issue than the one we are currently experiencing. Just be smart, people. Protect the elderly and be conscious of “personal bubbles”. The whole social distancing thing has shown that many people really can’t seem to conceptualize this idea and/or efficiently engage in it.

I think that we need to reopen, and also that we need credible information from our leading doctors and medical experts in order to do so. Things are going to start looking a lot different in the way we communicate with others in person on a daily basis, at this point that we know forsure.

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