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Dan Snyder gets a lawyer ahead of Washington Post Report

When the lawyers are called you know something is serious. When the lawyer is called before an article can even be released then you can assume whatever is in the article is real bad. The Washington Post is set to release a BOMBSHELL onto the NFL and sports world, at least they say they are. The longer it takes for the report to be published the longer I think it’s a giant ploy to distract us from the Washington team name change. Snyder is going to change it to something slightly less racist and everyone will be focused on this Washington Post Article that’s supposed to come out, it never does, and the slightly less racist name change gets swept under the rug.

Washington’s NFL team hired DC attorney Beth Wilkinson to review the organization’s protocols, per league sources. While Wilkinson is expected to conduct a deep dive into the organization’s past culture, team officials are highly upset/frustrated about speculation running amok. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) July 16, 2020

Except you don’t get a big wig lawyer that specializes in large scale white collar crime like Beth Wilkinson if you’ve done nothing wrong. If half the rumors are true this lawyer has her work cut out for her. Dan Snyder is in hot water. The play by play announcer of 15 years left the organization, and 40% of the team is up for sale. The minority owners selling their stake in the team was a speculation, and now its for real.

Minority shareholders of Washington’s NFL team have hired the investment bank, Moag & Company, to vet buyers and to sell their stake in the team, per a league source. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) July 16, 2020

A bunch of the team is up for sale, long time employees are resigning, and the former name of the team might not be the most controversial part of the organization. The Washington To-Be-Determines are F U C T. FUCT. Just release the damn report Washington Post. The suspense is killing me and half the internet.

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