DeAndre Baker Armed Robbery Charges Dropped

When the DeAndre Baker story first started back in the Spring I thought he was the dumbest man alive. What on earth would compel a first round pick in the NFL to steal watches from people at gun point. It’s not like Baker didn’t have the money. After being drafted 30th overall in 2019 the Giants signed Baker to a multi million dollar contract. DeAndre Baker was going to make millions playing football and instead he decided to commit armed robbery. Baker had literally zero reason to be stealing money and watches. He was going to be making the money he got from stealing watches in a weekend with the Giants.

It did not make sense to me, or really to any one for that matter, why DeAndre Baker would commit armed robbery. He had a pretty solid way to make money that didn’t include robbing people with guns. Baker could have easily just done his job and gotten paid handsomely. He could have made $10.5 million dollars over four years. BUT NO, he had to do some stupid shit and commit armed robbery. Much like DeAndre Baker, the attorney for 3 of the 4 victims in the Baker case had to do some stupid shit instead of his job.

BREAKING: Broward State Attorney drops all charges against DeAndre Baker. — Pat Leonard (@PLeonardNYDN) November 16, 2020

I didn’t think this story could get any dumber. But it sure did get dumber. The attorney for 3 of the 4 victims in the Baker case, William Dean, has been charged with extortion. Dean had a pretty solid job making money that didn’t involve extorting NFL players. He just had to be a lawyer and prosecute DeAndre Baker. Dean didn’t have to do anything more than that, but he did. And it will probably ruin his career. Being a lawyer with extortion charges brought against you can’t be good for your resume. Especially when the extortion was so obvious that prosecutors were looking into Dean since August.

According to investigators, Dean wanted Baker to pay each of his clients more than $266,000, and, in exchange, the three alleged victims would either stop cooperating with prosecutors in the criminal case or change their initial sworn statements to police to help Baker. Pat Leonard; Daily News

I thought the dumbest part of this story was going to be a millionaire NFL player committing armed robbery. But I think it might actually be this William Dean guy. Yes, DeAndre Baker is pretty stupid in this story. But this attorney is actually the dummer person here. This initially looked like a slam dunk case. The attorney, William Dean, just had to take his witnesses statements and prosecute Baker. Dean had plenty of witnesses to attest against Baker. This should have been an easy case. Instead Dean tried to extort DeAndre Baker for money and lost the case, and likely his career. What an absolute moron.

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