Denver Broncos and MGM agree on betting partnership

News❗ We're excited to announce our partnership with the three-time Super Bowl Champion @Broncos – including a new BetMGM Lounge at Empower Field at Mile High Stadium More info ? — BetMGM (@BetMGM) July 9, 2020

In May of 2020 sports gambling officially became legal in the great state of Colorado. Well as you probably know sports haven’t been happening. So sports betting became legal and we had nothing to gamble on. I’ve been vocal about betting on the ponies cause it’s all we’ve got currently, but you’re telling me soon I’ll be able to go to the betting palace in the Denver Broncos stadium? Whoooo baby sign me the fuck up.

ROAR Digital is extremely proud to announce that we have entered a multi-year sports betting partnership with the Denver Broncos. The partnership will include a new BetMGM Lounge at Empower Field at Mile High Stadium. The Denver-based football franchise, the Denver Broncos, has been one of pro football’s biggest winners since the American and National Football League merger in 1970. Statement from MGM

I’m just going to completely forget about the fact that fans probably won’t be at NFL games this year and think of how awesome this will be when the fans do get to come. Not only does it include a BetMGM Lounge but MGM will also offer VIP travel packages, as well as benefits through the MGM Resorts Loyalty program. I knew blacking out in the MGM Grande in Las Vegas and signing up for their rewards would pay off eventually. They’re also creating a free to play mobile game. What a time to be a Donkey’s fan. I’ll never have to go to the Roomba stadium in Las Vegas to gamble and be at an NFL game at the same time. A dream come true.

It’s a clean look for a roomba

Now MGM needs to ride the Colorado sports betting wave and put a BetMGM Lounge in the Pepsi Center. Betting the puck line in stadium would be electric.

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