Denver Broncos cut Blake Bortles and signs him to practice squad

BOAT season ain’t over yet in Colorado! Sure the weather is getting colder, frost is on the grass in the morning, but by late afternoon it gets warm and you catch yourself thinking, “maybe I can get the BOAT out one more time.” The Denver Broncos must be thinking the same thing. The team cut Blake Bortles once Drew Lock got healthy, but even they couldn’t resist extending BOAT season. The allure of Blake Bortles is just too strong. They had to resign BOAT Bortles.

BREAKING: The #Broncos are bringing back QB Blake Bortles, this time to the practice squad, per @AllbrightNFL — NFL Stats (@NFL_Stats) October 19, 2020

The Broncos couldn’t live a life without Blake Bortles for more than two days. Two days he was off the roster and the Donkeys bring him back for the practice squad. Bortles didn’t log a single snap for the Broncos in a game. According to the Broncos coaches he’s been awesome to have in the QB room though. Not even remotely shocked to hear that. Blake has been described as just an OK quarterback many a times. Thing is, he’s always described as a fun guy, and a class act human being.

Blake Bortles seems to be an extremely well liked person by all of his teammates. So the Broncos brining him back isn’t all that shocking. Then when you remember that he has more career starts than every other quarterback on the Broncos roster combined it makes even more sense. Young QBs do better with a veteran presence around them. Look at how Alex Smith was able to help develop Mahomes, or Favre with Rodgers, or Tom Brady with Jimmy G, it just seems to work. I don’t know what Bortles is going to be able to teach Lock, other than how to pack a lip and be an awesome dude. Without Borltes the Broncos quarterback room has less than 50 combined starts, so adding the veteran presence is a good thing.

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