Denver Broncos decline Garret Bolles 5th year option.

In 2017 the Denver Broncos selected Garret Bolles with their first round pick. Since then he has played football. That is the nicest way to describe Garret Bolles career with the Denver Broncos. He’s played well on occasion, most of the time he’s been a liability. Either holding and costing the team yards via penalties or by allowing sacks and giving up yards that way. In a 34 game span Bolles had 26 holding penalties. If all of those are accepted that’s 260 yards of offense the Broncos lost due to one player. That’s just on holding penalties. That doesn’t take into account yardage lost to sacks or non holding penalties. So the Broncos declining to keep Bolles around for another year after the 2020 season isn’t much of a shock to anyone who has watched the Denver Broncos.

Looking back at the last five games of the year you do see improvement in Bolles play. He had less holding penalties, less sacks, and played good enough. Those were the five games that Drew Lock were under center, so maybe Bolles will play better next year now that Lock is the starting quarterback. If Bolles does play better maybe he gets a contract renewal and it won’t even matter that his fifth year option was declined.

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