Denver Broncos game postponed due to Patriots positive COVID-19 tests

Mann we ain’t even do anything — Bradley Chubb (@astronaut) October 11, 2020

The Broncos followed every single protocol that the NFL had in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 throughout the league. They social distanced outside of practice, they tested every single day and turned up negative, they wore masks and washed their hands, they did everything right, and were still punished. The NFL had to postpone the already postponed Patriots at Broncos game and took away an already injury plagued team’s bye week. The game that was originally scheduled to play on Sunday was moved to Monday, now the Monday game will be played on a later date. Now the Broncos will get zero rest during their fake bye week and the Patriots get to rest during the week. Injuries have devastated the Broncos roster and a bye week would have really helped the team get healthy.

Injuries at an all time high and our bye week was burned up with practices. — Justin Simmons (@jsimms1119) October 11, 2020

The Broncos players are frustrated. They have every single right to be if you think about. Imagine you go to school all week, then you’re told you’ve got to go in a Saturday because someone else screwed up, and then on Sunday you’re told that was your Spring Break. You’d be pretty pissed. That’s where the Broncos are right now. They did everything right, the Patriots screwed up, and the Broncos lost their bye week.

Ain’t no way we practiced all week and they canceled our game — F L ⚡️ S H (@Melvingordon25) October 11, 2020

IM HOT ON GOD I AM — F L ⚡️ S H (@Melvingordon25) October 11, 2020


Melvin Gordon is HEATED and I’m totally on his side. The Broncos followed all the rules and were still punished. That is bullshit. Now as long as the Patriots were following all of the protocols that the NFL put in place then they really can’t be blamed. The party at fault here is the NFL league office. The absolute CLOWN that is Roger Goodell is to blame. Did he really think that the season would go without a COVID outbreak of some kind? Of course he’s that naive and stupid. The MLB didn’t make it more that two days before an outbreak happened and that’s because they weren’t playing in a bubble like the NHL and MLB. The NFL opted to play outside of a bubble and now they are getting burned for it. There was no way they were going to play in a bubble, but the league had all the time to draft a backup plan for the schedule so that it didn’t get wrecked due to an outbreak, and the NFL still didn’t do that. Now they’re scrambling and shuffling the schedule on the fly and it’s completely screwed over the Broncos.

Here’s the plan, per sources, which is tied to Tennessee being able to play: ?Broncos-Patriots next Sunday. ?Week 8 (what was supposed to be Denver bye): Chargers at Broncos. ?Week 11 (scheduled Miami bye) Dolphins at Broncos. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) October 11, 2020

So the Broncos have lost their bye week while every other team that has been impacted by positive covid tests have gotten days off or an entire bye week due to not being allowed in their facilities. The Broncos had no positive tests so they were able to show up all week and prepare for their game that’s now next week. The rest would have been so beneficial to this injury cursed team. At least this means Broncos fans will more thank likely be able to watch Drew Lock play again. That’s the one bright spot for Broncos fans here, a chance that the potential future of the franchise will start. I guess this is the Broncos bye week now and we’ll just have to wait until next week to watch the Broncos.

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