Denver Broncos Predicted to go 11-5 and to win the AFC West

Choo choo the Broncos hype train is pulling into and blowing straight through the station it has so much momentum. You go talk to any Broncos fan and this is the most hope and excitement they’ve had for a season since the Sheriff was in town. Seriously the only reason the fans say the Broncos can’t win the division this year is because they have to beat the Chiefs for that title. According to one NFL network analyst the Broncos winning the division is a real possibility. Hop on the Bandwagon we’ve got plenty of room.

11-5 and first in the AFC West. Sign me the fuck up for that. Even I’ll admit I find that a bit optimistic. Considering most sports books have the Broncos over/under for wins set at 8 I’d say it’s real optimistic. The Broncos offseason was pretty damn good, so taking the over of 8 wins seems like a sure fire bet to me, and apparently this guy from NFL network.

I’ve been big on the Broncos all offseason. Not like I had them going 11-5 and winning the AFC West but I figured they’d be good this year. Sure the Broncos have made a questionable move here or there, releasing Todd Davis when the team already had a weak middle linebacking core was troublesome, but overall a fantastic offseason. One that deserves recognition.

The line was beefed up a bit from last year, the walking corpse that is Joe Flacco will no longer be under center, and the receiving corps looks genuinely dangerous. The offense will be led by second year quarterback Drew Lock, a player that has more hype around him than a Lil Wayne mixtape in the early 2000’s. Why shouldn’t Drew Lock be hyped? The Broncos looked like a completely different team with Lock under center versus Flacco under center. Plus the swagger and energy Lock brings to the huddle and field is fun as hell. — Random Guy (@orezjc) December 30, 2019

How can you not root for this guy to be good. I’ll admit I’m biased. I root for the Donkeys, but that has nothing to do with why I want Drew Lock to be successful in the NFL. I’m rooting for him so I can see more clips like this. The energy the guy brings to the football field is a ton of fun and I just love rooting for fun players and fun teams. Would love if he was like, really fucking good this year so I can cash in on my future bet of Drew Lock winning MVP but that’s beside the point.

The point is that the Broncos have a bright future ahead, it does hinge on Lock being good, but the future looks optimistic for the first time in 5 years in Denver. Five years of mediocrity isn’t all that bad compared to a lot of the other NFL franchises but Denver fans didn’t experience back to back losing seasons for almost 30 years. So five years is like an eternity to Broncos fans. Now hope and optimism is back in the Mile High City and its bled into the surrounding areas.

Like I said earlier, I’ve been riding the Broncos hype train all offseason, not to the tune of winning the AFC West, but at least a playoff berth. I can’t see the Broncos splitting the series with the Chiefs, I just won’t get my hopes up that high. Could the Broncos do it, sure, but I won’t get my hopes up just to have Kermit the Frog destroy them. Mahomes can beat any defense no matter how good, so I’d be stoked to see one win against the Chiefs for my Donkeys. Yet I’m pretty confident in saying the Broncos can easily split both the Raiders and Chargers series, and they have a high likelihood of sweeping both.

My final prediction. Broncos go 10-6 and get second in the AFC West and make the playoffs, but not the silly new 7th seed position, like a real wild card spot. Probably the 6th seed, but they won’t need a whole new playoff spot to make it in this year.

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