Denver Broncos to release Joe Flacco

This has not been confirmed by any insider. If anything I’m the insider confirming this. You’re welcome Broncos fans, the nightmare that is Joe Flacco will no longer be a Bronco.

It’s likely that Joe Flacco is being cut to save $10.5 million dollars in cap space. It’s also likely that he’s being cut by the Broncos because the ELITE quarterback has lost his job to rookie quarterbacks twice in the last two years. First to Lamar Jackson while he was on the Ravens then to Drew Lock.

If history is to repeat itself, fingers crossed, then the NFL MVP next year will be Drew Lock. The last rookie quarterback to take Joe Flacco’s job was Lamar Jackson, last season’s unanimous MVP. Broncos fans are counting on Lock to capture some “I benched a Super Bowl MVP” magic like Lamar Jackson did.

The Broncos are going all in on their young quarterback. Drew Lock has all the confidence he needs to take the job as well. It also doesn’t hurt that Lock has been in close contact with Peyton Manning during his training phase. The future for the Broncos is bright with Drew Lock at the helm and Flacco literally any where else. Just look at him. How can you not give Drew Lock the starting job?

Drew Lock has BARS. Broncos rookie QB was rapping Jeezy’s “Put On” to perfection (via @thecheckdown) — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) December 30, 2019

Let’s go Donkeys


Soooo… Flacco still hasn’t been cut by the Broncos. Doing so will save so much money, so it has to happen right? I’ll take a razor scooter to the ankle if he is still a Bronco by the start of the regular season.


Broncos have informed Joe Flacco that he will be waived with a failed physical denomination.

Broncos just informed former Super-Bowl MVP Joe Flacco that he is being waived with a failed physical designation, per source. Flacco now joins a group of free-agent QBs looking for work. Three Super Bowl MVPs in headlines this week: Flacco waived, Foles traded, TB to TB. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 19, 2020

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