Did Nathan Mackinnon tease a new Avalanche alternate jersey?

Ever since the Avalanche moved from Quebec to Denver fans of the franchise have been clamoring for a homage to the team’s roots. The powder blue sweaters with the fleur de lis along the bottom that the original Quebec Nordiques wore are iconic. It’s the sweater that Joe Sakic first put on. The one Nordiques/Avalanche fans remember Peter Forsberg wearing. Avalanche fans still wear Nordiques jersyes to games 25 years after the franchise stopped using them. That’s how popular they are. In fact one of my former roommates owns a Forsberg Nordiques sweater. It’s a wildly popular jersey to own if you’re an Avalanche fan. It’s been a long time since fans have seen the powder blue on the ice. Now, after 25 years the Avalanche are finally paying homage to their roots with a potential powder blue alternate jersey.

Nathan Mackinnon put his new gloves on his instagram story and you can’t help but notice their color. It’s not the burgundy or blue that Avalanche fans have grown accustomed to. No it’s the powder blue baby! Nate Dogg may have just teased the fact that fans are finally getting what they’ve always wanted. Besides a Stanley Cup that is. An Avalanche sweater that pays homage to the days of the Nordiques. While it is just speculation, there is literally no reason to give a player new colored gloves unless they match a new jersey. The players get new gloves ALL. THE. TIME. and they are always the same. Those powder blue gloves were ordered for a reason, not just because. New colored gloves have to mean new colored jerseys to match. So take it to the bank, the Avalanche are making Nordiques alternate jerseys.

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