Drew Lock and the Broncos gain free real estate in Raider’s fans heads

“He just mmm, mmm, hmm, he’s just like Baker Mayfield, but without the winning, he’s just cocky.” Recently a clip of a Raiders fan podcast went viral on twitter. Okay maybe not viral viral dominating all of twitter for a day, but it did dominate Raiders and Broncos fans social media for a day and that counts for something. If you didn’t see the clip here it is in all its hilarious glory.

Raiders fans are so ready to hate Drew Lock ? pic.twitter.com/Xm489jO9lH — Ryan Koenigsberg (@RyanKoenigsberg) May 11, 2020

Whoever these guys are I’d love to sit down and have a chat with them, the inner workings of their minds are an enigma to me. Initially one of them refuses to even name the Broncos starting quarterback. Is it out of fear of his potential? Do they just hate the fact that he who must not be named won 80% of his games (undefeated in non blizzard conditions) and that the last thing the Oakland Raiders ever did was lose to him and the Denver Broncos? Only way to know would be to ask.

If you’re asking me though, the reason that they won’t even reference him is because they are scared of Drew Lock. Not even willing to bring up the name of a rival team’s quarterback is just fearful, no other way around it. The Dolphins were probably scared to play Tom Brady twice a year and they still named him, and Brady has six rings. Drew Lock hasn’t even played a full season yet and Raiders fans are scared to say his name in fear he’ll beat them again, or something like that. Keep not saying his name I’m fine with it, personally Bronco fans should be as well, fear of a name only increases fear in the thing itself. Bars. Absolute bars. So if they Raiders want to increase the fear that is cool with me.

I get that Raider’s fans are going to hate Drew Lock regardless. Much like Broncos fan’s hated Phillip Rivers, can’t stand Derek Carr, and loath Patrick Mahomes, they’re the rival teams quarterback. That’s just how life works if you’re a fan of sports. You hate on the rival team’s players. Saying that Drew Lock isn’t a winning quarterback is just wrong though. Just check the scores. Broncos went 4-1 with Lock under center and beat the Raiders. Not a winning quarterback my ass, thanks for the free real estate though.

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