Drew Lock full participant in Denver Broncos practice

Drew Lock is officially back at practice for the Denver Broncos. Today he was a full participant in team activities and took the reps with the first team. After missing two games for the Broncos where the team had to start two ABSOLUTE nobody’s at the quarterback position the man who will hopefully end the Broncos QB carousel has returned. Still salty the team didn’t play Blake Bortles when they had the chance, but Broncos fans would much rather watch Lock on Sunday’s over Bortles. Now that Lock is healthy and at practice the BOAT Blake Bortles has officially been winterized. Drew Lock is back and ready to go! Even if it is just practice Drew Looks great out there.

Drew Lock throws at Broncos practice. pic.twitter.com/LlvwmSPwZQ — Andrew Mason (@MaseDenver) October 14, 2020

Drew Lock had no shot of playing against the Patriots had that game gone as planned. So maybe the postponement of the game was a blessing in disguise. Although it did effectively wipe out the Bronco’s bye week. With the game being postponed it opened the door for Drew Lock to return one game earlier than expected. Which is awesome because Broncos fans want to see him in every single game. Had the game happened normally the Broncos would have had to start Brett Rhypien. Someone who could only muster three good quarters against the Jets. Watching him play against a much better Patriots team would have been absolutely miserable.

Now that Drew Lock is healthy and a full participant in practice it all but guarantees that he starts on Sunday against the Patriots. No more Rhypien, and no more Driskel. Broncos fans can actually watch the QB of the future play. Tuning in to Broncos games to watch anyone but Lock felt like a chore. Actually getting to watch a (hopefully) great quarterback play on Sunday will be a great change of pace for Bronco’s fans. Worth missing out on a bye week if you ask me. You’d probably get a different answer from the players, but no doubt they’re happy to see their leader back on the field.

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