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Dwayne Haskins has been cut by the WFT

Washington waived QB Dwayne Haskins. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) December 28, 2020

The Washington Football Team has released quarterback Dwayne Haskins. The former 15th overall pick couldn’t even last a full two years on the team that drafted him. Which really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As soon as Haskins entered the building there were concerns about whether or not he could read an NFL playbook. It was so bad by the end of his first year coaches that he was dyslexic. But he’s not. Haskins can read just fine.

Not only was reading a playbook so hard for Haskins that coaches thought he might be dyslexic. He was so poor in practice and studying that he was benched this year after four games. Haskins played so poorly that the Washington Football Team ended up starting Alex Smith. A guy who almost died playing football and hadn’t started a game in over two years.

Although I guess football fans should thank Dwayne Haskins a little bit. If he didn’t play so poorly we never would have seen Alex Smith play again and the best comeback story in sports never would have happened.

But it’s not like that was Dwayne Haskins plan to begin with. Haskins didn’t start the season and think to himself “I’m going to play like shit so Alex Smith can start and win Comeback Player of the Year.” Haskins went out their thinking he had the talent and mental fortitude to be a good starting quarterback in the NFL. It’s just too bad he has none of the work ethic or mental fortitude to actually be good in the NFL.

In fact Haskins got compared more to Ryan Leaf than any good starting quarterbacks. Even Ryan Leaf himself said looking at Dwayne Haskins’s is like looking in a mirror. That is not a comparison anyone would want. Let alone a starting NFL quarterback.

Listen, this is exactly what you think it is. Utter ignorance. There’s something about the brain chemistry of an elite athlete that has everything & feels slighted & hurt. You have zero impulse control, no one will tell me what I cannot do. I swear it’s like looking in a mirror! — Ryan D Leaf (@RyanDLeaf) December 22, 2020

This had to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Dwayne Haskins going to a strip club during a pandemic without a mask. Haskins head coach is in remission for cancer treatment and immunocompromised too. I don’t know how stupid you have to be to think that going to a strip club right now is a good idea. But clearly Dwayne Haskins is that stupid. After Haskins pulled this stunt he lost his Captaincy. And likely all respect in the locker room. I’m more surprised at Haskins being a captain at all than I am about him being cut.

The Washington Football Team cutting Dwayne Haskins doesn’t come as a surprise after you look at all the crap he has done. Terrible decision making on the field paired with terrible decision making off the field is a recipe for disaster. And an extremely short NFL career. And that is exactly what Dwayne Haskins is right now. A disaster of an NFL quarterback with an extremely short NFL career.


The Washington Football Team put out a statement regarding the release of Dwayne Haskins. They believe this will benefit both parties, which Washington definitely benefits from Haskins no longer being a headache for the team to deal with.

We have released QB Dwayne Haskins — Washington Football Team (@WashingtonNFL) December 28, 2020

It says they wish him all the best but I bet they really wanted to say “Goodbye and good riddance.” Although who knows. Considering Dan Snyder owns this team maybe they just cut Dwayne Haskins so that Snyder’s next work place violation goes unnoticed.



Obviously because the Broncos are in quarterback purgatory the question had to be asked. Should the Broncos sign Dwayne Haskins?

Might as well ask it to Broncos Country: would you put in a waiver claim for Dwayne Haskins? He'd be due $1.8M in 2021, and $2.46M in 2022. — Nick Korte (@nickkorte) December 28, 2020

And the answer is a resounding “FUCK NO.”

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