Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner 1-22 NHL Plays

The NHL has something that the NFL doesn’t that makes it so much better for sports gambling. The fact that they have games every single day. We’re over a week into the season so we don’t have 112 days straight of hockey, but we still got 100+ days with the NHL on tv. That’s plenty of hockey to watch. And even more opportunities to make a little dough while you watch. So let’s head in to the Gambling Corner and see what we got cooking for today.

Avalanche at Ducks

Every single week on the podcast I say, “Don’t gamble on your favorite team! If they lose and you lose money the pain is double so don’t do it.” And yet it seems like every other day I’m betting on the Avalanche. This time with good reason.

That reason? The Avalanche were absolutely dominant in their last game played after a loss. They lost their season opener to the Blues and the very next game they molly-whopped the Blues 8-0. Now I’m not going to predict another 8-0 shellacking after a loss. But I will predict an Avalanche victory. And by more than 1 goal.

Keep in mind this is a high risk high reward play. But I’m taking the Avalanche to win by 3. Like 3 exactly. So if the Avalanche win and it’s only by 1 or 2, or they win by more than 3 this bet loses. But betting a unit to win 4.75 units is too juicy not to jump on.

Avalanche by 3 +475

Red Wings at Blackhawks

The easiest way to make a game between two bad teams is to put a little money on the game. Not a whole lot. And nothing too risky either. But you’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole game betting the money line or puck line on either of these teams.

Me I’m taking the money line on the Red Wings. The Blackhawks still haven’t won a game. And sure they might be due, but not this game. Neither of their goaltenders are good, but Malcom Subban is the only goaltender on the Blackhawks that gives them a chance of winning, and he’s not playing tonight. Plus it’s impossible for me to bet on a team with a -11 point differential. So it’s Red Wings all the way on the money line.

Red Wings ML +105

Predators at Stars

Holy shit the Stars are playing hockey again! And the Western Conference Champions get to open up against the paltry Predators? Sign me up for the over immediately. The Stars defensemen are out of practice and should be giving the Predators shooting lanes all night. And with how mean the Stars offense is they should be able to bully the weak Preds defense all night. To put it simply… There’s going to be goals galore in this game.

So take the over. The sports book I use has the over at 5.5. But if they one you use has that over at a whole number don’t bet on it. Never bet over/under on an even number. It will come back to bite you in the ass I can promise that. But at o/u 5.5 goals this bet sounds like an absolute lock. Hammer the over.

Over 5.5 goals +100

Whole Day Parlay

One thing I absolutely love to do is make a parlay that involves every NHL game of the day. The odds are always gigantic. So you can put in $1 to win over $100. The probability of getting it right is low. But I watch a shit load of hockey and am pretty confident I’ll get another one of these right before the season is over. I already hit once on the year so why not twice? Right?

The only stipulation to the Whole Day Parlay is that every game must be involved. It doesn’t have to be a straight money line parlay, or a straight puck line parlay. Anything and everything is on the table. Although I don’t get too crazy with it.

Rangers Money Line; taking the Rangers because the Penguins goaltending has been god awful all year

Oilers Money Line; They lost the last game they played against the Leafs, and now the Leafs are playing without Mathews and Thorton. Should be a cake walk win for the Oilers.

Sharks Money Line; Neither team is good, but the Sharks just beat the Blues so they should be able to pull off a win against the Mild.

Red Wings Money Line; Gotta stay consistent with the straight bets above, duh.

Stars Money Line; The Stars have yet to play a game this season, but they are for sure the better team between them and the Predators.

Golden Knights Puck Line; The Knights are an absolute wagon, and well the Yotes aren’t. They’ll play a feisty and competitive game for sure, but it won’t be enough to keep up with the Knights.

Avalanche Puck Line; Once again, we gotta be consistent with the straight bets above.

ODDS +31460; bet a $1 win $316.32. Not too fuckin shabby.


Don’t forget to gamble responsibly. We do this for fun not to get addicted and lose everything. Hence the bet a $1 to win $300. Check out the last blog to see how well we did. And take a gander at the NHL schedule and see if you can do better.

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