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Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner; 1-31 NHL Plays

Alright, alright, alright Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner is back with some more NHL plays. There’s no football today since the Pro Bowl was changed to a Madden Tournament or something like that. And to be honest I wasn’t going to watch even if it was a real game. There’s hockey that I’d much rather be watching. And of course I’ve come up with a few picks for all the action. So let’s get frosty.

Dallas Stars at Carolina Hurricanes

The Stars got pushed around last night by the Canes. They lost 4-1 and it really wasn’t a contest. So I’m looking for the Stars to bounce back tonight in this back to back contest. Lots of back to backs with this schedule and it’s awesome. An absolute blast to watch. The Stars are going to win this game outright. And the money line is great for it too. Taking Stars money line +110

New York Islanders at Philadelphia Flyers

Both of these teams have some pretty solid goaltending. Carter Hart the young phenom for the Flyers and Semyon Varlamov for the Islanders can both steal a game for their team. The Flyers have had a high flying offense for the beginning part of the season. And while the Islanders haven’t exactly been the highest scoring team, Barzal has been putting pucks in net for the Islanders all season. Enough to keep them winning and scoring points. So I’m taking the over of 5.5 in this game. Both offenses are good and should be able to get past the goaltenders to hit this over. And I’m going to sprinkle in a .25 unit bet on Barzal scoring the first goal too.

Barzal 1st goal scorer +1600

Over 5.5 goals +110

Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner is taking the Dallas Stars Money Line, the over of 5.5 goals in Islanders and Flyers, and Barzal scoring the first goal. All of these bets are plus odds cause we like playing things a little risky around here. I’d bet these even if the odds were in the negative. But they’re actually in the positive so it makes it even better. Ultimately make your own decisions, and gamble responsibly, but I am making money so far this season. Just sayin’.


There’s the picks for Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner. Of course there is a Whole Day Parlay trying to predict the winner of every game. But with only 8 games today, 7 night games, the straight money line wasn’t a crazy pay out. So I had to get real crazy with this one to get it to be $1 to get BIG change.

Dallas Stars -1.5

Red Wings Money Line

Blue Jackets Money Line

Philadelphia Flyers -1.5

Colorado Avalanche -1.5

Over 5.5 in Blue vs Ducks

Oilers -1.5

This Whole Day Parlay, minus the early game, is a great one. Bet $1 to win $733. It’s a little out there, but the that’s what the Whole Day Parlay is for. To have some fun with it. It’s not likely to hit. But one of these days man I’m going to hit and it’s going to be amazing.


Happy gambling, and remember this is for fun. I say it in every iteration of Dylan Ryan’s Gambling Corner. So if you or someone you know has a problem seek help.

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